Year-To-Date Sports Betting

I was just updating some of my records for the year on my spreadsheet, and thought I would throw out my stats for those (wikrus and wikrus only) who care to see them.

I started the year with $100, and betting is done in $10 units.

Sport Win/Loss Win % Unit Standing
MLB 3-3 50.00% +4.75
NCAA Football 3-3 50.00% -2.00
NFL 25-31 44.64% -5.82
NBA 4-4 50.00% +1.91
Parlays 1-0 100.00% +2.43
Prop Bets 0-1 0.00% -4.00
Overall Stats 36-42 46.15% -2.73

I currently have $30 in play on the Pats -4.5 tonight versus KC. That leaves me with $42.74 left in my account. Go Pats.

UPDATE: Oops, I left out a few other interesting stats. So far this year I’ve WON $632.29 while I’ve LOST $659.55. Also, my only prop bet was that the Democrats would win the election. I bet $40 to win $45 on that one. Hoo-boy.

BONUS FOOTAGE: Here’s me being angry at my bets from this last weekend. Discuss.

Zach's mean face


5 thoughts on “Year-To-Date Sports Betting

  1. 1. Holy crap… a Jack M. sighting on! I’m peeing myself with excitement. Dad, disregard the above swears.2. GMC: A hog with a head the size of a car tire. Yum, yum, gimme some.3. Cuurent score is 24-13 Pats, but KC is driving after the NE fumble at the goaline. I have a feeling that Pats aren’t gonna cover here. Then I’m gonna have to scream. National Fixed League indeed.

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