Coupla Loose Ends

Two pictures and a download for y’all this morning. I found the pictures on one of my machines at work, so I uploaded ’em to whazzmaster for your enjoyment.

First up, check out pictures from the judging portion of the costume contest at work.

I am pretty.

Next, we had a ship celebration last week at the Crowne Plaza. There were free drinks, Create Your Own Mashed Potato Bowl, and skeeball in the ballroom of a swank hotel. You go, Intuit. Anyways, at one point they gathered the whole Payroll division (engineers and marketing) for a group picture. So go ahead and find Waldo in this picture:

I am pretty.

Finally, I received the following email from the Maaaadd Scientist this morning:

From: Michael ********
Reply-To: ************
To: Zachery Moneypenny
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 10:54:29 -0600
Subject: Re: john titor

got screwed up last night and made this song with my brother

I highly recommend you get off your ass and go download that track. It is fairly funny… especially the part of getting a “two-piece at Popeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes!”

— whazz on my friends… whazz on

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