Thanksgiving 2004

This year’s Thanksgiving celebration was muted in California. With Whazzgiving postponed for now (though more information will be forthcoming) we decided to make it a day of Pure Turkee an’ Football. The decision was also made to amek the meal a lesson in Back To Basics. Turkee, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and rolls. That was it. Oh, and some of the worst beer ever, courtesy of GMC. No offense intended, Masta, but it was bad.

Everything came out great, though we were a bit short on the gravy end. I hate buying store-bought gravy to augment what little I can get from the drippings, but on the other end I love being able to fill a bowl with gravy, pour all my plate’s contents into it, and then eating it like soup. Yes, I love gravy that much. I think we got about a cup and a half from the dripping yesterday. KHHAAAAAANN!

On the upside, me and GMC were full after eating. Full. I was laying on the floor groaning while GMC was on the couch sleeping. We couldn’t even eat the pumpkin pie until several hours later.

Later in the evening, Erin and I took in a showing of The Incredibles at the local megaplex. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Today I spent the morning fixing toilets and playing poker. After several hours I’m up one fixed toilet and down about $10. Not bad, over all.

–be sure to remove the whazz and giblets before cooking the turkey… i forgot

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2004

  1. Please let me explain to any other whazzers out there about the beer. I found myself having to go to the store an hour before I was to be at the Moneypenny’s because my oven still has not been fixed and I offered to bring the dessert. So I’m sitting in the beer isle as another gentleman joins me and says, “man I feel like trying something different.” Long story short, I felt the same way and we both agreed to choose one type of beer neither of us has had before and bring both to our respected celebrations. His choice was cider mountain lite, my choice was a cider flavored beer (with Erin in mind). Short story longer, his beer was not enjoyed by Zach or myself and Erin loved hers. DAMN YOU MYSTERY MAN WHO CHOOSES BAD BEER!!!!!!

  2. Next time try Mountain Creek – it’s $1.99 for a six pack at the west side Copps in Madison for any whazzers left in Madison. (That means you, Paul, but you can probably afford fancy beer – the bottled kind even.)

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