I’ve Been Framed!

I went to get Erin and My Wedding Picture framed today at the place up the street (The Great Frame-Up). It was the 11″x17″ big print that we ordered where we’re on the beach. I brought along some other pieces I was looking at getting framed, too. The final price for all four pieces? $1,094. Mother. Fuck. For one of the very few times in my life, I was struck utterly speechless. I just stood and stared at the estimate sheet with the price breakdowns. Well, I guess I won’t be getting my High Life sign mounted. I scaled back things a bit and downgraded a few options on the wedding photo (namely removing the Museum-quality glass). Final price was $530 for two pieces, with the wedding picture costing $440 itself. I’ll definitely post a picture of the framed version once I get it back (supposedly Dec. 17th). I think that it will definitely be worth the price; I really, really liked the way it was mocked up with matting and frame. We’ll just see if Erin freaks out when she sees it or loves it.

–The Great Whazz-Up

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