Sunday Football Results (And Poker Rantings!)

Can’t decide whether I should post this now or tomorrow, but I’ll at least get it all down on paper. Long story short is that I’m all-in on my Pinnacle account this week. If the Skins or the Chiefs can’t pull it off today then I’m fairly screwed. But, as I noted last week, I’ve had quite a good run so far this year so I’m looking at the progress as being excellent. The thing that irks me though is my performance in the office pool. I was running close to first but after last week’s disaster and the early returns from this week I’m really not keeping up.

In other news, I fucking hate the mongoloids on and their fucking miracle draws. Hey GMC, remember what we were talking about on Saturday? Well, I was on the button, blinds $200-$400, I had pocket 5s and everyone folded to me. I called $400, the small blind raised to $800, and the big blind folded. He had approximately 2000 chips and I had 1000 left after limping in. I moved in and he called. His AQo against my 55. Flop KT3, turn rag, river: a fucking Jack. What a fucking surprise. Just like the other 8 or 9 times in the last 2 days I went out fifth place after putting all my money in with the odds behind me. I can’t win on that fucking site. How the fuck better am I supposed to play. I have my money in the fucking pot when the fucking odds say I have the better of it. The question is: how many CONSECUTIVE coin flips can I lose? I don’t expect to win ’em all, but I expect to win ONE FUCKING HAND when I have the best of it, mathematically, so many times in a row. Again, I fucking hate those mongoloids and their miracle fucking draws. $100 in $5 tournaments is almost gone due to thaT FUCKING shit.

Now, back to football. I have just one simple question there as well: can the motherfucking Washington Redskins move the fucking ball? Can they score at all? Or will their godawful quarterback just fumble and take sacks all game? Jesus these idiots fucking suck.

Final $5 of my account: I had AT against the chip leader who called my all-in with J7. JACK-FUCKING-SEVEN. Flop was of no consequence, neither was the turn. The river? A SEVEN! Happy fucking day, asshole! You were the lucking shithead to complete The Fucking of Zach by! Congrats, shiteater!

So now I took my one remaining dollar in my account, won three blackjack hands to make it $8, and I’ve got one last chance to play a $5 tourney.

Fucking shit. Three straight downs on the goalline and the Skins can’t score. Ooop, they’re going for it on fourth. I’m sure they’ll fuck it up too. I fucking hate these losers. They are the Raiders for 2004.

Well, there’s 5 people left in my tourney. I’m second in the chip count. Let’s see how I get screwed this time.

Here’s how it ended: I had AQ chip leader had JT with 3 people left. We had about the same amount of chips. Flop was QT5 rainbow. I bet big and he reraised. I considered an all-in, but decided to smooth-call. Turn was a J and that’s all she wrote for me. Can’t complain on that one; I clearly misplayed top pair top kicker. Or did I? I can’t decide. With a rainbow on the flop like that and only an obscure straight draw available, should I have just moved in on the flop to take the pot there, or was I correct to try to extract more from him on the turn? Wirkus, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. You too, GMC.

Well, I was going to post my results in table form, but for simplicity’s sake I’ll just give you the ol’ long story short: I have $20 in my account, and it will be placed on the Green Bay Packers tomorrow night. I’d rather all-in on the devil I know.

The post-mortem on this season will be interesting indeed.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Football Results (And Poker Rantings!)

  1. Was the poker rant pre or post pep talk? Cuz I think we covered most of it. Recap: AQ vs 55 a coin flip. No chip leader on the planet would fold that bitch shorthanded. AT vs J7 is a bitch in the situation described. He’s chip leader, he’s going to call you. End of story. AT is an ok hand to hangs your dream on, but only ok. He was only like a 2-1 underdog. He played the situation. The AQ vs J10 was also a bitch of a situation, but put yourself in his shoes and it’s not so mongoloid: any blackjack 20 is a strong shorthanded hand. J10 = 20. I bet he honestly thought his hand was best esp. after you smooth called his re-raise. Then he just lucked into the J. Again, a standard beat. So you ran into some bad, but not satanic luck, and in a single table tourney, luck means so much. They are kind of a joke and I can’t win money on them on a consistent basis. When things are running bad you can blame luck, god, or but in the end, losing makes you better appreciate the money when it’s coming in and if you lose right, it, insanely, makes you a better player if it makes you tighten up your game and plug the little holes, the little flaws in your game that you wouldn’t take the time to fix if you were running strong.

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