The Best Picture Ever™

Going over some old files I had on the webserver, I came across the single greatest picture that may well ever be taken. I’m somewhat saddened by the fact that I could not bear witness to the result of this meeting of the minds. I’m so glad that I exist, as the confluence of events necessary to bring the particpants in the photo together without me being involved would possibly be the subject of a major motion picture. One of those “based on the ramblings of a madman…” motion pictures. Anyways, on with the show…

The Rally Hobos At A Brewer Game

–whazz on, sweet prince

10 thoughts on “The Best Picture Ever™

  1. I thought someone would comment on this great pictuer. Alas, is in ruins! Run for your lives/strive for the fires of what right and deny/the picture of one thousand words/shards of different coasts making the most of jam and toast…

    I don’t know where I was going with that.

  2. Oh yeah and this is a classic photo that I am happy to be part of. You are correct Z that this is a photo to end all photos.

  3. RE: link to death by lava-lamp explosion

    holy shit, who knew those things were deadly when operated by the mentally retarded among us?

  4. I do like that photo. Worth mentioning: Bellgirl is hungover, had been been throwing up gang signs and Racine kringle all morning. Madd is still wearing his wedding jacket albeit inside out. Most of the game he called himself the rally hobo. Judd is looking rather seductive. As a group, we shun socks. Also present but not photographed were Rachel and Ro. A few random memories from the game: a girl sitting behind us got kicked out for flashing her boobies; me and GMX were late as hell because we had to return the tuxes and we purchased our tickets from a homeless man; the object in my hand is the head of a Jeffery Hammonds bobble head doll that was smashed by a destructive child sitting in front of us; the brewers lost. Seconds after this photo was snapped, Arlo told me that this group would never be together at the same time ever again.

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