Batten Down The Hatches!

Not much going on in general, but I wanted to note that I actually won the Pinnacle all-in of $21.04 so I now have around $41 in my account. I’m considering re-all-in-ing it this weekend, either on the Pats over the Browns (haven’t seen the line yet, but I hear it’s tasty) or perhaps on the Miracle Packers over the Iggles. FOURTH AND FUCKING TWENTY-SIX.

Erin will be gone this weekend to Norturn Minnesota, doncha know. On Saturday is the Annual XXX-Mas Party at The Big Pink. Apparently Q is my date in place of a vacation wifey. We shall see… *shakes fist at sky*.

Coming up Whazzmaster’s Greatest Hitz, we have the OG post of our Tiny Robot Friend. It includes the following hilarious comment exchange:

[October 9, 2003 10:06 AM] by Jen
Well, since I open Senate mail exposing myself to the threat of anthrax on a daily basis, I have to say that I applaud your courage. Count yourself lucky, however, you open packages and find cute little perky robots. I, on the other hand, open letters addressed in psychotic chicken scratch containing disjointed missives about everything from requests for help harrassing the V.A. to complaints about how the Democrats are killing babies (abortion, folks). There are somedays that I pray for that anthrax letter simply to put me out of my misery…
Party on.

[October 9, 2003 10:06 AM] by Grand Masta Caspa
Well the trip to Cali was still on until I read this posting. Now I do not think I would feel safe in the hands of Moneypenny. In fact, I have put myself into the hands of Captain Morgan for comfort (and it’s all Moneypenny’s fault).

[October 9, 2003 10:06 AM] by wirkuswhazz
This robot insanity isn’t about you, Jen. And stop trying to turn this website into a forum on abortion. It’s a forum for whazz, robots, haiku writing and beer drinking. Pfffffffft (loud fart noise)

[October 9, 2003 10:06 AM] by cal
Pfffffft’s? is that a breakfast cereal?

–whazz on

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  1. That was a very interesting interview. I never saw that movie, by the way. I think I should go find a copy.

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