Football Open Thread

Once again I find myself All-In on my Pinnacle account. This week, however, I split the money on two games. I’ve got $20 on Minnesota -7 against Chicago, and $20 on the Steelers against Jacksonville. Both of those plays are the furthest you can get from Locks, so I don’t expect to last the weekend. In other football news, the last three weeks have been catastrophic to my workplace football pool. The public has hit the jackpot for the last 2-3 weeks prior to today so I (stupidly) switched my strategy. The result: lots of dogs covering or winning today and me going down in flames. Can’t wait for the Packer game if all the dogs are performing like this today. I went from a high of 5th place (out of 50) down to 8th place, and I’m currently looking at the sad end of 11th place.

We’re well into the third quarter of the Vikes/Bears and the turnovers are starting to make my head spin.

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