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(Just sent this email to a few people — figured I’d copy the contents to a post as well. Send this on via email to any interested parties.)

There’s a great website that catalogues the political donations made by corporations this last year. I’m trying to tailor my holiday shopping to its results as closely as I can (for example, I won’t be buying my father any Home Depot gift cards this year). Many companies donate approximately 50-50 to both parties, but some large corps give 80, 90, or 100% of their political donations to Republicans! Why do these companies hate democracy?

Example: where do you buy your gas? According to this, many oil companies are unsurprisingly backing a government full of corruption. Given a choice of four stations at the same intersection, I’m going to start filling up at Shell Oil stations myself.

From the Choose The Blue website home page:

  • Corporations are as important as politicians in American Politics.
  • You know what party a politician supports. Do you know which political party a company supports?
  • ChooseTheBlue tells you what political donations were made by a company and its employees.
  • If each American who voted Blue in 2004 spends $100 in 2005 on a Blue company instead of a Red company, we can move $5 Billion away from Red companies and add $5 Billion to the income of companies who donate to Democrats.
  • This will be noticed! Choose where you buy … and make a difference!!!

As the Republicans like to point out constantly, we are a solidly captialist country. The one right we have as consumers is to TAKE OUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. Let’s show Home Depot (94% Republican), Circuit City (94% Republican), and Coors (82% Republican) that THEY can’t take OUR money and give to politicians who HATE US.

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