Day 4: He Probably Has The Letter

I’ve created a new category to track all the (presumable) posts about the ongoing effort against our former landlord: Steve Misrack.

To summarize where we are at this point: Steve Misrack sent us a bill for $3,237.81, minus our initial security deposit of $2000, which leaves us “owing” him $1,237.81 within 30 days. He claims $3,237.81 is the total cost of cleaning and repairing damages to 1371 Norman Drive. Personally, I claim two things:

  1. He was a horrible landlord who was lax to attend to things we brought to his attention (such as cockroaches in the house).
  2. We did a helluva job cleaning up the place before we left. I sat on my ass for hours and scrubbed the walls clean, fer christ’s sakes. I swept and mopped multiple times in the week leading up to the move out. I touched up spots on the walls with the paint provided in the garage. I spackled nail holes and touched up with paint afterwards. I scrubbed the carpet for hours before my wife steam-cleaned it. After all this work Steve Misrack has the gall to charge us $810 in cleaning fees and $500 in repair fees for such things as “sweeping the side entry”, “cleaning the fireplace”, “changing exterior light bulbs”, etc.

In response to his mailing, I sent him a letter demanding the missing estimates and receipts that he never provided to me. The letter went out certified mail yesterday, which means he received it today. I have had no calls or emails yet today from him.

ps– All day numbers in this series of posts are dated from the date I received his orginal letter demanding payment (i.e., Day 0 was Friday, December 10th, 2004).

–fuck everything, we’re going to five blades

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