Thank You Brewers! May I Have Another?

Heard this morning that Keith Ginter was traded to the A’s. Goodbye Brewers, we hardly knew ye.


9 thoughts on “Thank You Brewers! May I Have Another?

  1. you hardly knew them because they sucked! so long ginter you suck! hello pitching! how can you be upset that they are putting together a better team??? do you secretly hate the brewers? if the brewers were a person and you were to meet him he would say: hi, i’m the milwaukee brewers, this year i finished in last place and last year i finished in last place. that was 2003, and in 2002 i finished in last place. nice to meet you.

  2. I’m merely bitter over the fact that every single year I get to/have to sit down a look at an entirely new roster of names. Not that it matters hugely to me or anything, but almost every single bobblehead guy I have on my bookcase from the modern era Brewers are not with the team anymore. Wanna know whose going to get traded before 2006? See who gets a bobblehead day in 2005. How can fans get behind a team that is thrown away at the end of every season?

  3. don’t worry 2005 will be the brewers year for sure. so make room for your new carlos lee bobblehead doll! ps you play with dolls way to go. ok i have a computer question, i want to install ram on my ibook – how do i do this? i found some instructions on the web but it looks tough… is it? should i try to do it or pay somebody? i think i can do it.

  4. 1. I visited my mom’s 1st grade class today. All went well because my mom’s worst student, from one of the city’s most notorious drug houses, was sequestered by the aide. This kid has on a regular basis handed random stuff to my mom and said: hold this shit. Kids these days. 2. Are you guys coming back soon?

  5. technology snobs. how is law school jen? what is a tort? i saw in the paper that our president is talking about torts. and i was like, strange, how can this benefit him? why is he doing this? and then i read a little further and it said his position “unashamedly advocates legislation that would protect insurance industry profits etc ect” and i was like, oh, that’s why.

  6. Jen wants to protect the little guy from corporate behemoths, right Jen? you better say “right,” Jen or your gonna get an indian burn AND a titty twister.

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