Day 7: We Got A Response

On Friday I stopped to pick up some packages at the post office and found a certified letter waiting for me from Steve Misrack. Inside the envelope was a letter from him re-iterating what we owed him, a copy of the “estimate” (more below), two pictures of the damaged floor, and a two-sided copy of the move-in checklist. In my first letter, I had stated that the movie-in checklist copy we had received was only one page and described only the family room and kitchen — the bedrooms, dining room, and living room were not described. In this letter, he chided me that he would “enclose another copy of the only inspection made upon [my] moving in from the leasing agent Sandy Adams. It is on two pages and maybe you did not see the reverse.” I double-checked the original copy in the Day 0 Mailing and sure enough only one side was there. This fucking asshole is trying to call me stupid as if I didn’t have the original sitting right in front of me.

The big news story of this update, though is that I finally got a chance to see a copy of the estimate for $3,300 in repairs to the damaged wood floor. I can see now why he didn’t send it originally and why he is fucking us around so much. As an aside here, I was wondering why he didn’t sue us for the money he felt was owed and instead just told us it would be sent to a collections agency if we didn’t pay. I’m thinking now that he knows his shit wouldn’t stand in small claims court so he tried to work around it via the threat of collections. Uh-uh Steve. Silly monkey, you don’t fuck with me to the tune of $1,237 and expect to get away with that shit. But back to the “estimate.”

The first line of the estimate said the following: “as per description & measurements taken by Mr. Misrak [sic] here is the estimate to replace laminate in the above jojb location.” It took me several casual readings before I realized what was being said there. I called Step Ahead Carpet & Flooring to speak with the gentleman who did the “estimate” for Steve. Edward was very nice and answered all of my questions definitively. As it turns out, no one ever went to the house and inspected the floor. No one determined that it was “not repairable damage.” No one (except for Steve) decided that to replace a 6 ft x 6 ft area of damage, at least 330 sq ft of floor would have to be replaced. Steve looked at the floor and decided himself that it couldn’t be repaired. Then Steve, himself, decided that the only way to fix it was to replace 330 sq ft. Then Steve went to Edward at Step Ahead, and asked something along the lines of, “Hey, if I were to replace 330 sq ft of hardwood floor, how much would that run me?” Edward gave him the estimate that I have now in my possession, and Steve halved it and sent us the bill with no intention of ever having the work done (by his own admission).

This will not stand. This asshole thinks he can get away with this shit? Fuck this. I’m drafting a letter which will directly tell him to give us back the money from the security deposit that he owes us, and it will go out soon. Then it’s fucking on. No abdominal stretches, no irish whips, no sleepers: just a fucking Dudley Death Drop through the Table of Small Claims Court for Steve Misrack. He ain’t gonna no-sell this one.

–fuck everything, we’re going to five blades

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