Shaken, Not Stirred

Through some fault of my own Erin and I received 12 martini glasses as an Xmas/Housewarming gift. For some God Konws Why reason I felt a strong urge to find out why people would order goddamned martini at a bar. No, not a Cosmopolitan, Apple-tini, Dirty Tini, or any of that other shit for people who want to drink vodka without it tasting like vodka. An honest-to-god Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred. So I set about making one last night.

The Ingredients

1 1/2 oz vodka (classic Stoli, in my case)
3/4 oz vermouth

The Method

Pour shit into a shaker over ice, shake, strain into glass, drink.

The Results

Fucking delicious. I could drink that shit all night. May end up battling The Gimlet for my drink of choice. Why, Xtian God, did I never try this before?!

Oh yeah, and mucho congratulaciones to Michael “wikrus” Wirkus and Jessica “bellgirl” Gitter on their engagement. Happy returns! Jessie, don’t lose your ring to Parker in a game of High Stakes Scrabble!

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15 thoughts on “Shaken, Not Stirred

  1. Howdy,

    I was in Madison running a four day graduation celebration for Bella, followed by moving her to my casa, and engaging her in mortal combat. So not much time for the old whazzbucket. It’s 3:30 am and Im tired as fuck, so I’ll wazz proper in the morning, give an update and share all the mushy details.

  2. Congtrats wirkus. Im pretty amazed. If youre having a wedding ill be there. ill hop a bus and make the long trip through mexico. also if your cruise is going to take you by honduras or nicaragua let me know an ill say hi. whazz out.

  3. come on wirkus! now it’s the afternoon your time… how did you trick bellgirl into holy matrimony? get out the whazzbucket already! speaking of the whazzbucket moneypenny did you move your video golf game to your new house? if ever you are barricading your door the video golf machine will surely do the job. you won’t ever have to use your video golf game to keep me from breaking into your home, i’ll always call or send you an email first. also, i wouldn’t just break in anyway. what would probably happen is you would invite me over and then i would come over. and you would LET me in. likethis : hi cal! nice weather we’re having,come on into my home, welcome. bienvenu. benious aries. bladdy blu.

  4. hi sean, come back from jamica already mon! i know you love the jamaican “ganja” but what else do they have in jamica? do they have delicious flavored starbucks coffee drinks in jamica? no. do they have ford truck commercials in jamica? no. do they have purple mountain majesty in dumb jamica? no! bang on your precious steel drums all day long and dream of mocha frapachiones. MOCHA FRAPAHCIONES KICK ASS ON STEEL DRUMS ANY DAY! KING OF THE MOUNTAIN- BUILT FORD TOUGH!

  5. Congratulations wirkus and bellgirl.

    Cal, are you going home for christmas, or is your family still not letting you in the house?

  6. I’ll be in St Paul from tomorrow until the 27th. We should go on a crazy adventure, or at least to that stupid bar Billy’s.

  7. Well thank you to all you congratulators. Sean, hi! Hi, Sean! I’m sure my lovely fiancé would also say thank you if she were not so busy bouncing all over the great state of WI. How did I trick her into it? First I took my credit card to a jewelry shop and demanded their most sparkly ring. The sparkle coupled with my age advantage was enough to manipulate her. Hardee har har. No really, we’ve been dating for two years and things are going well, so it seemed like the most logical next step. As far as the wedding goes, you all have some time. Next summer or fall, a good year and a half. Unless you want a bag lunch affair held in a local pasture. But yeah… I’m happy, she’s happy and Parker too seems to be ok with it, so I guess everybody wins except for anyone with a secret crush on either Jessi or me.

    Whazz on

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