In The Year Of Our Lord, Two Thousand And ?

Your are cordially invited to A Bag Lunche-Affaire to be held in A Local Pasture

ps– Cal invited only on condition that he doesn’t get into a fight with any cows or farmers.

4 thoughts on “In The Year Of Our Lord, Two Thousand And ?

  1. Thanks for all of the congratulations, I’m currently looking into which pastures will be open this summer so I’ll keep you posted Cal. I want you to be there even if you do get in a fight with some of the cows.
    But for real, I am very happy and floating on cloud nine with graduating last Sunday, getting engaged on Tuesday, x-mas this friday and a cruise next week, I wish life was always full of this much fun! Hope everyone else is having fun during the holidays, we’ll keep you posted about the pasture!!

  2. 1. Well, well, well: Congrats to Bellgirl and Wirkuswhazz; more appropriately, congrats to wirkus and condolences to bellgirl. Just kidding.
    2. A tort is a civil cause of action for personal injury or property damage; its distinction from criminal law is that money, instead of personal freedom, is at stake in any case (or an injunction, which is an entirely different animal from compensatory, or punitive damages). The tort law that Pres. Bush is specifically talking about is the area of medical malpractice, which is one of the last areas of the law where “consumers” can riliably find protection. President Bush, frighteningly, wants to limit damages in tort cases, limit attorney fees, and move some of tort claims, like medical malpractice or negligence, to “civil arbitration panels” or some such shit, as if the Constitutional right to a jury trial never existed. That’s my humble opinion. Keep in mind that although I do have my financial aid in the process for spring, I do not have my grades, so I could quite possibly have totally failed out. Not likely?

  3. thanks for the info jen, i figured it was some kind of animal law but i didn’t know what kind. some kind of dog law? what kind of dog law? like oh i’m a police and i say your dog must be on a leash. or- i’m a police and i say moneypenny must pay for that hole in the floor even though he didnt’ even do it! what a dumb law. so i actually think i don’t know if i agree with the torts or not. here is a joke: pop torts! just kidding, just kidding. whew, well it’s off to the freezing midwest. bye.

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