Merry Xmas To All

Our Xmas was great by all standards. Erin woke up Ultra-Early so she could attend Xmas Mass in Union City, a mysterious place where the Man-Bat patrols the alleys punishing evil-doers. I chose to sleep through everything. I awoke at 10am to find that the Ghost of Xmas Future did not have the foresight to fix our furnace while he was showing me the error of my heathenistic ways. Damn cold in that house in the morning.

I set about making a Very Special Xmas Video for our family. Due to the problems inherent with using Free Software, I still haven’t been able to burn the move to DVD. Problem 1: Microsoft Movie Maker, while easy to use, only outputs movies in WMV format. Problem 2: DVDs do not use WMV format, they use MPEG. Problem 3: I couldn’t find a converter worth shit. Problem 4: Once I have an MPEG, I don’t have any software that will take that MPEG and just make a Fucking Movie™ out of it. I refuse to use Easy CD & DVD Creator 4: Return of the Startup Folder. I downloaded some Open Source shit that doesn’t work, probably because I’m not running it on the Actual Developer’s machine.

Whatever, so now I have a 300MB movie with no way to distribute it. I’m gonna keep tryin’ though. More info when I have it.

So anyways, I made this Xmas magnum opus and then Erin got home and we opened gifts. Lots of Best Buy gift cards hidden in Boston Store boxes and such. On Sunday Erin and I strolled (with our feet!) over to the Best Buy up the block from us to use our newfound gift card-based wealth to buy a new digital camera. For those just joining us, our camera was stolen out of our room by someone at the Concourse Hotel last Xmas when we stayed there for a night. I hope those bastards are having fun with a camera that had no link cable or battery charger. So we got a new, smaller camera (see moblog for picture) that will most likely be even easier to steal. I am very dumb, but I get a boner when they make electronics small. I mean, my iPod is the size of a deck of playing cards yet has 5 times the storage capacity of my first computer (which cost me $2700 at the time).


I haven’t downloaded any pictures from the new camera yet, but I did find some pics from the 2004 Intuit Holiday Party. We had a dandy time, what with the free liquor and all. Our good friend, Jan Oeljeschlager, put some of his pictures up on his website and I copied them. Here you go, me and my coworkers.

A Picture of Drunk People

A Picture of More Drunk People

I have some other assorted pictures, but I’m anxious to re-encode the movie in Divx. I think I can shrink that bitch down to around 40 or 50 MB so I can just throw it up on the website for download.

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6 thoughts on “Merry Xmas To All

  1. Just in case you whazzers didn’t know, the Ipod Mini is awesome. It’s much less cumbersome and lighter than the full size Ipod. It can still hold 4GB which is way more songs than you could ever need at one time.

  2. Ok, so I am obviously bored again at the Connie… Zach-what kind was your digital camera that you lost at the Concourse last year? I think right around that time Eric Zawid found a super nice digital camera (I think it was an Olympus?!?). He, of course, claimed it. As if he couldn’t just go & put one on his mom & dad’s credit card. Anyway, if it’s yours, he’s in Colorado right now…you could drive up there & kick his ass to get it back!

  3. It was a Canon Digital Elph. One of the really small ones. And if it was ours you’d think he could have just turned on the damn thing and looked at the 2 weeks worth of holiday photos that showed me, erin, and half the staff of the Concourse. But I doubt the one he found was ours. We got all our stuff and left the room, walked downstairs to check out, went to Nick’s for lunch, I remembered the camera and ran back to the Connie, got a room key and went upstairs. The housekeepers had already checked the room and the camera was gone-O. I couldn’t prove anything so I didn’t complain, but not only did I know it was in the room but I knew exactly where in the room. The End.

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