Donkey Konga

My family’s love affair with Donkey Konga got off to an inauspicious start when I got home from Best Buy to find that the instruction book was printed entirely in Spanish. There simply wasn’t an english translation to be found in the packaging. At first I was concerned, but we got the hang of it after an hour or so, and that’s when the magic began.

In a movie review first, here are some actual screenshots of Erin playing Donkey Konga. The level she is playing is called ‘Oye Como Va’.

Erin, playin the bongos

Donkey Konga comes with the game and the set of bongos you see in the picture. For those who remember Parappa the Rappa for PsOne, Konga is very similar. There are only four actions in the whole game:

  1. Hit the left bongo.
  2. Hit the right bongo.
  3. Hit both bongos together.
  4. Clap your hands.

The bongo set a has a little mocrophone in between the drums where it hears the claps. Really a cool little setup.

Nintendo also did an impressive job in paying licensing fees for various head-boppingly-good songs. The weird thing is that upon first glance you’ll see a lot of songs with names you’ve never heard of. Then you’ll actually play the level and you’ll say, “whoa, it’s THIS song.” That happened four or five times when we initially played. There’s also a good mix between Nintendo game soundtracks (Mario Bros. theme, Zelda theme, Pokemon theme), pop music (All The Small Things ‘…she left me wormballs by the stairs, the wormballs let me know she cares…’), classic songs (Oye Como Va, Louie Louie, Shining Star, Wild Thing), and, for some reason, kid’s songs (campfire medley, lullabys). Just a great collection of music to bongo to.

You can actually plug in up to four sets of bongos and have a bunch of people jam. I think I’m going to just buy a second set so me and Erin can Bongo Battle.

Speaking of which, Erin has taken to this game like none since Zuma and Doctor Mario. She was playing for about 3 hours straight yesterday morning, trying to get Gold on all of the intermediate difficulty levels. Each song has three difficulty levels (Monkey, Chimp, and Gorilla). The difference is in the number of total drum hits and claps. Monkey has very few, while Gorilla is like a waking nightmare of left,right,right,left,both,clap,clap,clap,etc.

This game gets the highest reccomendation from me. It is the quintessential Fun Nintendo game. They know how to make shit you want to play with your friends, kids, or wife.

The Verdict: 10/10

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  1. Some quick gossip that I gathered in between Jaeger shots the other night out on the town in Racine: Mike Makowka just got engaged to a girl, Holly, that he has been dating forever. Brien Neimeyer is married and living in Florida; both he and his wife are managers at Blockbusters. They are going to move back to Wisco to start a family. Dan Jenkins and Jimmy Justman both work at Sam’s Club. Adam Jensen just opened a tanning salon and saw a psychic that told him he would die of a heart attack in his early 60s; I asked whether she mentioned his gambling problem – she didn’t. Brian Giesler is still going to school in the U.P. or something. Adam Hertzberg is still in the Cities and working on his aerospace engineering degree. What else? Nada. I was sick the whole next day.
    I’ve been enjoying my break, but it’s gone really fast since I’ve been naughty and belligerent the whole three weeks so far.
    Oh yeah – go and rent Napolean Dynamite. It’s my new favorite movie.

  2. Speaking of Brian Neimeyer…anyone hear from/about Becky Linden lately? I think the last I talked to her was (my) senior year at UW.

  3. Married or engaged to Adam Kristopeit, I think. And comin straight outta Pittsburgh or Philadelphia or something like that. I think Scientist knows more but he’s never around here anymore.

  4. “Married or engaged to Adam Kristopeit, I think.”

    I honestly can’t remember when I heard this, or from who, but I seem to remember *someone* saying they had broken up. Maybe that was Fall ’01 when I saw her. Not sure. I ran into her parents a few years ago, and they said she was living/working in the Chicago area. That was about all I got out of them at the time.

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