New Years 2004

It’s been awhile since my stomach has felt this queasy this long after I’ve stopped drinking, but that’s what New Years is all about, eh? Amanda’s brother Billy hosted the party at his new pad and I think we did a good job christening it up for ‘im.

And for once in my miserable life I actually used the camera I brought along with me. So here is our New Years in pictures. The pictures are after the jump so as not to flood the homepage with a hundred pictures.

New Years Eve starts off right, with Amanda looking sideways at Judd

Erin and Trish toast at midnight. Note that everything from here on in came after midnight.

Kendric and I tastefully toast the New Year without all that razzmatazz and rigamarole.

Judd and Amanda: The Cecil Cooper Cute Couple 2004 Award

Nicole and Erin kickin it in tha nEw yEAr

Ominously, Billy Crane is the first to get hit with the No Fun Sombrero. He would not be the last. For those keeping track, this is where the party starts to veer off the road.

Amanda and Erica(Erika?) are having fun at the party. Erica is still awake at this point.

Judd. Drunk.

Zach and Judd are PALs. Zach is drunk, also.

This is a hilarious picture to me, and not just because it includes Judd prancing around. Amanda was going to plop the No Fun Som on Judd but he started dancing to prove he was having fun. He warded off the Hat, for a time.

Here’s me showing off the bling. Wifey copped that for me.

Billy and Judd argue while Ivan looks off into space…

…and Judd is hit with the No Fun Sombrero seconds later.

Kendric and Trish share a moment and a toast while CHAOS develops around them.

Me, Judd, and a bird-happy Kendric celebrate the coming of 2005.

Trish and Erin seem in good spirits.

Zach and Erin share a hug and some quality time.

Aaaaaaaaand this is where we jerk the wheel to the right and fly off the cliff. Erin and Judd started boxing. Well, Erin was boxing and Judd was kickboxing.

So I started kickboxing with Judd. The difference was that I had no fucking clue what I was doing. Note that I don’t look like I’m having too much fun in this picture…

…and seconds later I’m hit with the No Fun Sombrero. Personally, I think anyone who is in the middle of a kickboxing match should be exempt from the No Fun, but that’s just me

Judd reacts with horror when Amanda dumps him on the spot for this ~CAD!

A Three Picture Tale. Part One: Erin is completely drunko and starting to doubt she will make it out of the party without hurling everywhere. I took her picture to reassure her.

A Three Picture Story. Part Two: from across the room, Nicole saw that Erin was not feeling good. She came over to cheer Erin up. She seemed to perk up a bit.

A Three Picture Story. Part Three: Things take an unexpected turn for our heroine as her head is put on Nicole’s boobs. I have no iea what Erin is thinking here. The End.

A Six Picture Story. Part One: We found Billy passed out on his bathroom floor. His roommate kindly took his balls out and tried to wap Billy with them.

A Six Picture Story. Part Two: Just for the sake of completeness, Billy puked before he passed out.

A Six Picture Story. Part Three: Erin walked in during the hijinx and yelled, “Don’t you take pictures of him when he’s passed out!” I proceeded to document her yelling at me.

A Six Picture Story. Part Four: At the climax of our tale, Amanda helps her little brother off the floor. Not pictured: me helping Amanda carry Billy to his bed.

A Six Picture Story. Part Five: As a denoument to the whole thing, Amanda mocked Billy’s drunken state by drinking champagne from the bottle in front of him.

A Six Picture Story. Part Six: Billy threw up after that. The End.

Erica, curled into a tiny ball on the couch. She would later be set up in a compromising position by her husband and his friend, but I thought it best not to publish that picture.

Another group photograph. I’ll be straight with you here — every single person in this picture is super duper drunko.

I drunkenly tell Erin to look at the camera. L@@K! It’s awesome! Holy crap I’m drunk here.

Not to be outdone, Judd and Amanda had a pow-wow on the stairs leading to the basement. While taking this picture I heard something in the basement. I crept down the stairs to find…

…The Funniest Picture of my goddamned life! Holy crap! Erin’s working out! Ivan’s playing music! In the basement!

A fitting end to the night sees Erin communing with Oprah. What a way to ring in the New Yaer: Oprah. Seeya next year, folks!

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