Day 25: We Won! kind of

I am pleased to announce that I picked up a Certified Letter from the Post Office this morning from Steve Misrack. Inside was a three or so sentence letter and a check for $186.18. He considers the matter closed.

[soon to be a picture of my triumphant check]

However, with every win comes a loss, as he made the check out to “Zach + Erin Moneypenny AND Michael Kristopeit”. As those who have dealt with banks can attest to, I am going to have one pain in the ass of a time trying to deposit this goddamned thing. I’m sure Steve is laughing in a corner somewhere about how he screwed us over, Vince McMahon-style. I think we’ll find a way to cash the thing eventually, but in the meantime I’m glad for the following reasons:

  1. He now can’t send our names to the collection agency for $1237.81 and ruin my credit rating.
  2. He is not getting a single additional penny out of us.
  3. We actually get to see some of our money returned to us.

The only bad thing is I wish I could have been in court to see him get reamed by a judge for dicking us over so badly. Eh, you take what you can get. I consider this equal to a $1423.99 swing in poker or craps, and you can’t get much better than a roughly $1500 gambling swing in your favor.

An additional benefit is that I am now quite knowledgable about California Tenant/Landlord Law, so come to me with your questions on procedure when you get dicked out of YOUR security deposit.

–whazz on, and on and on and on

5 thoughts on “Day 25: We Won! kind of

  1. It’s always nice when good, hard-working people are actually able to come out ahead…good show, Moneypenny, good show.

  2. I was just listening to the Wisconsin vs. Purdue game at work. Olando Tucker gave a guy an elbow to the face and was called for a foul. The color commentator on WIBA said, “Wow, that looked like Olando Tucker gave him the people’s elbow from the top rope.” Sweet.

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