Scathing? How’s About The Truth?

No scathing commentary on the Packer’s performance? I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! — Alandovos

What is there to say? A scathing tone is not needed to make a simple, taboo proclamation that, should Wisconsin hear it from my lips, would cause it to storm the gates of California with pitch alight and forks at the ready.

Brett Favre lost that playoff game.

Now, that said, there will be no pats on the metaphorical backs of the Packers secondary — they just plain suck. But if you view Favre through the Lens of (Not-To-Distant) Playoffs Past you find a starkly different picture than the Hero Who Whoops The Raiders The Day After His Father Passed. In the last four playoff games the Green Bay Packers have contested (which may, in itself, be too strong a word,) Favre’s numbers have been so far below Bad that is defies comparison with his regular season stats. From the linked Journa-Sentinel story:

Quarterback Brett Favre, the face of the Packers if not the National Football League, was embarrassingly bad for the third time in four elimination games. His passer rating of 55.4 against the Vikings followed a 53.5 against the Rams, a 54.4 against the Falcons and an 82.4 against the Eagles in a game that effectively ended on Favre’s woefully overthrown interception.

There’s always next year. Perhaps Green Bay could actually pony up the cash for some new linebackers, maybe a safety to two, and two good cornerbacks for god’s sake. Eh, or maybe we’ll just go back to hoping against hope that the Packers can pull off a less than stellar record in one of the weakest conferences in the league to sneak into the playoffs and get destroyed in the first round.

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32 thoughts on “Scathing? How’s About The Truth?

  1. huh?! that is like the person that gets cleaned out at the poker table and then tells his friend at the table to whoop up on the guy that just busted him. how is having the vikings LIKELY (not definately) lose a consolation to having the exact same team defeat the team you back the week before?

    also, you can probably count me in for high-jinx in madison in a couple weeks. i ain’t got shit to do.

  2. You want some more truth? I hate motherfuckers that slowplay a set on the flop so when you catch that flush on the river that pairs the board the put you to sleep. Eat it, bitches.

  3. I owned you yesterday, I owned you today and in the future, I will own you.

  4. So Jamel and I are driving through a main street in San Francisco today doing some store visits when we are stopped by a traffic light. I then notice something out of the corner of my eye coming from behind me on the passenger side of the car towards the rear end. When I look out the back window I see, to my surprise, two gentlemen (notice I didn’t say bums) pissing on the side of Jamel’s car. Needless to say it was funny because it wasn’t my car.

  5. Yo GMC, was Jamel & Co. mad that we stormed out after the game? I felt kinda weird doing that when we hadn’t talked to them during the game.

  6. No everything was cool. They bounced out shortly after also. I still have one of your tupperware containers. I will bring that over the next time we’re down by you.

  7. I can’t imagine what would have happened to those guys if it was Casperson’s car.
    Zach, are you receiving any money for that pokerroom ad on your site?

  8. RE: ad: I only get money if someone signs up and then plays in real money games. Doesn’t look like anyone has done that yet. I wasn’t expecting a huge windfall.

  9. You may be surprised (or not) to know that the actual phrase is not “for all intensive purposes,” but rather “for all intents and purposes.” FYI. Whazz ya later.

  10. Today I ate birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to MLK with my mom’s first graders. Then I asked: what do you guys know about Dr. King? One kid burst out: he got shot. So much for public education.

  11. My mom is too busy trying to keep her kids from killing each other to teach them anything. In other news: new Tori album out Feb. 20 or something.

  12. Update on web site: still can’t login to post new entries due to a Perl error, but someone has been notified. Hopefully I’ll be back online soon with a review of Samurai Champloo.

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