Amanda’s 25th Birthday

Last night we headed up to Palo Alto for an evening of bad service and wrong food at Blue Chalk Cafe for Amanda’s birthday.

Judd had originally scheduled the bash to be held up the street at Nola’s, but then they sold out the restaurant to a group and pretended that they had forgotten when they called Judd and told him to get lost. And just so they didn’t look like total assholes they helped him re-book the 18-top at the Blue Chalk. The problem with Blue Chalk was that there was a birthday party for a million people going on upstairs and apparently that meant the kitchen couldn’t be bothered to bring out the right food or that if the right food made it to the table it was cold (example: my fajitas).

In the end, though, the manager comped some of the meals and threw a round of drinks at us on the house. If there’s one way to cheer up dissatisfied 23-26 year olds it’s free booze, so there were no hard feelings.

After dinner we were all supposed to head out to the clubs for dancing and more liquor, but Erin and I bowed out towards home due to a 7am flight and a fever, respectively. I hope everyone had fun and we can add some more pictures to the gallery. I’m feeling better now but it comes and goes. Hopefully the Wisco trip will be a complete, non-feverish success.

I’m trying something new with the pctures. Give me some feedback on what you think of the new gallery system I’m using. If you like it, it’s free to download here. It’s made by Google, so the coolness factor is off the scale. Anyways, here are all the pictures from the dinner.

Whazz on everyone, hope to see you in snowy Wisconsin!

11 thoughts on “Amanda’s 25th Birthday

  1. First and apologies for not being able to attend the festivities, instead I had to wine and dine some 148 year old, who happened to be “upper-level management,” and felt the need to remind me about every 6.2 minutes. Happy Birfday Amanda.

  2. Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so much fun!! Yeah, the service and the food pretty much sucked some hairy, salty balls, but overall, I think the night was a blast. My food was cold to the point where I didn’t really eat any of it, but that only allowed for greater efficiency in the alcohol arena. And there’s nothing quite like dancing the night away with all of your closest friends!! Thanks, again, everyone!!
    P.S. No worries, Casperson, although we did miss you…How did the wining and dining go for you? Was the 148-year-old hott, at least? 🙂

  3. Well, he was as hot as a 15 year old, talking corpse could be and about as much fun. Since you guys were out dancing, I danced with him to make it seem like I was at your party. He smelled like a nursing home. Glad you guys had a good time.

  4. I’m in Madison. Had a super sushi lunch with Scubby, saw Paul at the Inntowner and got attacked from behind by Timmer. Also, word on the street is that Ewaz is performing at The SLipper Club (old people might know it as The Rainbow Room) in his underwear on Thursday night. He’ll apparently doing a scene from Risky Business. haw.

  5. I was in Madison last night and tried to call the Concourse, but they said that there was no reso for any Moneypenny…so too bad. Also, the Slipper Club, formerly known as the gay bar, the Rainbow Room, is not a gay bar per se, however, the gays never left so it’s like a gay bar by default.
    Whazz on.

  6. Give me a call on my cell when you get a chance. I tried yours, but apparently you’ve changed numbers since the last time I called…

  7. Jen: won’t be in Milwaukee. sorry.
    Luke: I think I still have your cell. I’m on break from the recruiting right now, but I’ll ty to give you a call this afternoon or evening when I finish up my interviews.

  8. The City the bar? On State by Brats? It looks like I’ll be playing poker from 6-10pm, and then I’ll be downtown at The Slipper Club (formerly Rainbow Room by Genna’s) to see Ewaz’s performance of ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’ in his underwear. After the performance, I’m assuming its drinkin downtown so give me a call if you want to meet after the performance, or stop by around 10:30-10:45 to see Ewaz perform. Didn’t get your call last night because I forgot to charge my phone for two days. CURSE YOU, BATTERAHZEES~!

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