Finnegan, Begin Again

Cal actually found something awesome; now I have to get a copy from Wirkus. Ladies and gentlemen, The Moldy Peaches:


Who mistook the steak for chicken?
Who am I gonna stick my dick in
We’re not those kids,
Sitting on the couch

My former life I had a sister
I abused her and I dissed her
She got swept up in a twister
First I laughed and then I missed her

Who mistook these baths for showers?
Who fucked up that Leaning Tower?
We’re not those kids,
Sitting on the couch


In other news, here are the current stories we’re tracking on our Whazz 5 Storm Team Doppler Radar™©:

  1. Tonight Ewaz will be performaing his dance quintet from Risky Business at The Slipper Club. He will be dressed for the part if you know what I mean.
  2. The Scientist is coming down from Minnesota to play poker and party tonight. I’ll make him sign The Check!
  3. Need to finish up my evaluations of all the com sci people I had interviews with the other day. Long story short: 12 interviews, 4 prospects, 2 superstars.
  4. Had a tater tot/brat patty feast at Lynn and Tim’s last night. Mike and O’Neil were also in attendance. We watched Napolean Dynamite. It was ok, but I hear everyone hates it the first time through.
  5. Saw a story in The Daily Cardinal that the university has approved the plan to level Van Hise and Union South to make room for new modern shit on campus. I guess Observatory in front of Liz Waters will be closed for a year or more. Too bad for those places.
  6. It was fucking freezing last night.

Also, I’ve got tons of pictures to publish, but I forgot my link cable in Cali so’s we’ll all have to wait before I can dump them to a gallery.

holler back.

–whazz on

4 thoughts on “Finnegan, Begin Again

  1. I think you have to be stoned to enjoy N.D. For example, I liked it so much that Justin and I got the 2 night rental, watched it both nights, returned it a day late (because I watched it a 3rd time) and bought the DVD so that I didn’t have to interrupt my Napolean marathon. All of this was over Xmas break, so there’s your context.
    “Tina, ya fat lard, come get some dinner. Eat the food, Tina. EAT THE FOOD.”

  2. In other breaking news: I hope that you enjoyed your Wisco getaway, Zacaroni. I wish that I would have had time or the wherewithal to be smart enough to have called your celly Sunday. I hope you come back soon and bring that wife of yours.

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