100% Pure Beligerance


Last night A Good Time Was Had By All. I was just looking over the photos I have stored in my camera from last night and they are Grade A. Of course, I’ll be uploading them when I return to California and my sweet, sweet link cable but for now you’ll have to satisfy yourself with tempting descriptions of their oozing sweetness.

At the Silver Dollar a major kerfluffle erupted when the bartender kicked some guy out but he refused to leave. A self-identified “Vietnam Veteran” intervened and there was much shouting and confusion. All of it is on camera, as I was snapping photos as if I was a Newsweek photog. I wish I would have had a fedora with a little “Press” ticket in the band. Anyways, in the ensuing confusion someone stole the dollar bill that I had put on the shuffle puck machine to signify my “I Gots Next” status. I took a pic of where my dollar used to be for later inspection, then almost got into a fight with some frat-ish boys. I overapologized to them until they may have started to pick up my sardonic exaggeration but it all worked out in the end when we did a shot of Crown, rail tequila, and vodka.

That’s a just a portion of what I have in store for you, my dear readers. All I need is the link cable…


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  1. WWE will be running a combined RAW and SmackDown! taping in this Monday night in San Jose, Calif. The RAW crew will go live at the normal time. After RAW ends, they will take down the RAW set and replace it with SmackDown!. This is the first time they’ve ever done this. Both crews leave for Honolulu on Tuesday night and then to Japan for the TV tapings which will take place on Friday and Saturday. We’ll have spoilers for next weeks RAW and SmackDown! up next weekend.

  2. Zach- The said “Vietnam Veteran’s” name is Ron, & he is a SD staple. He drinks Miller Lite in a pitcher with an ice filled bobber to keep it cool (so as to avoid constantly ordering more beer, therefore having to interact with mankind). Just wanted to let you know, so you can paint the picture perfectly. Also, don’t forget when you yelled to *Ron* “Tell him he has a girl dick!”

  3. yeah, i don’t remember leaving that place where all the fighting was going on. my next memory after that is the soda machine at big milios or whatever. my next memory after that is seeing napolean dynomite on a lapton screen… could have been a dream… not sure. next memory is eating a cheese stick type thing and quietly thinking to myself, “that cheese stick was delicious”. then i woke up on a bed confused how i got there, sans wallet.

    if i didn’t have to drive 9 hours and leave at the crack of dawn it would have been upgraded from “OK”, to “Significantly better than OK”… but alas, the drive kicked me in the ass.

  4. Sweet lord that was one nutty night… like the olden days. Where was cal? I also enjoyed when madd had his pants down and moneypenny fondled his bare ass. It was a nice display of a freak out attempt gone wrong because madd was freaked the hell out. Funny stuff.

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