Wisconsin In Pictures

Took me awhile but I finally got the Wisconsin Trip Gallery all set up. Click through to see pictures from the whole week I was there. It starts with some arty shots of Engineering Hall and Henry Mall, but soon enough afterwards it gets to such great topics as the Headstand Olympics, The Poker Game, and of course The Fight At The Silver Dollar. I’ve got running commentary on most everything so the best way to view it is to start at the start.

I had a fantastic time in Wisconsin, and mucho thanks go to David Underwood for the hotel room, Scubby for his fantastical hospitality, Wirkus, Lynn, and Tim for the use of their house for the tater tot/brat patty feast, Todd for the great poker game, and everyone else who came out and saw me this week. A Good Time truly was Had By All this year. And from what I hear from the Talent Acquisition group at Intuit, they liked the work I did as well. That means I’ll hopefully get more chances to come back to recruit and have a great time.

The Royal Rumble is tonight, and we’re getting it. Yee-haw.

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