Via Eschaton, a “survey, conducted by researchers at the University of Connecticut,” finds that high school students not only are not familiar with the protections the First Amendment provides, but when told of the full text they didn’t like it so much.

From the MSNBC article:

The original amendment to the Constitution is the cornerstone of the way of life in the United States, promising citizens the freedoms of religion, speech, press and assembly.

Yet, when told of the exact text of the First Amendment, more than one in three high school students said it goes “too far” in the rights it guarantees. Only half of the students said newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of stories.

“These results are not only disturbing; they are dangerous,” said Hodding Carter III, president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which sponsored the $1 million study. “Ignorance about the basics of this free society is a danger to our nation’s future.”

The students are even more restrictive in their views than their elders, the study says.

When asked whether people should be allowed to express unpopular views, 97 percent of teachers and 99 percent of school principals said yes. Only 83 percent of students did.

Where are the right’s shouts of fascist academia? Ah yes, in the grand scheme of things, those conservobots really do want a police state where they can monitor your obscene material consumption and “shoot to kill” when someone burns a flag in protest. I’m sure we won’t see any peep out of our handy defenders of FREEDOM and ~LIBERTY, i.e., Mr. Hannity and Mr. O’Reilly.

Maybe those kids deserve the trillions of national debt and putrified environment that the current lot would like to leave them with. Then, with rose-colored goggles on, they can decry the ways the libruls of the late 90’s helped to poison the sky and spend, Spend, SPEND that surplus. If the press hasn’t changed by then, I’m sure no one will pipe up with the truth. George Orwell, how did you know?

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  1. these morons will run the world in 15 years…. we all know that.

    it’s time to retire now.

    do you really think the quake 3 champ turn president will have a problem pressing the “Big Red Button?”!

    i’m retired… we only got 15 years kids.

  2. Somehow I just now arrived home. I don’t know where I went after the event or how I got there but I am home now

  3. Really I would not get too worked up. If you applied my HS worldview to the world, shit would be messed up. Know why? Cuz I was a kid, and I didnt know shit. Those little fuckers will grow up, go to college, and soon they will be chatting about the end of the world in dipshit chat rooms and doing studies much like the one above. Rinse, wash, repeat.

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    -wirksu the wise.

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  9. I agree with Wirkus. For hundreds of generations, the adults have said these kids are the ones that are going to fuck everything up. Your grandparents said it about your parents, and your parents said it about you, but everything worked out fine. The cream will rise to the top.

  10. OK, on advice from wirksu and a cool-as-a-cucumber peterstiffly, I will retract my outrage over high schoolers’ complete retardedness. Thank you both.

  11. I should be a professional debater. My whole strategy would be, “Hey people, let’s just chill the fuck out and everything’s going to be fine. Status quo bitches!”

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