Checkpoint Charlie!

I’ve got 4 minutes before my next meeting starts. Today has been quite a good day so far: shot a 44 in golf this morning, including the last four holes going bogey, par, par, par, and when I got into work found that my manager’s manager had given me a $100 reward for a “Jorb Well Done”.

Looks like I have a full gambling calender coming up. Got a poker game this Saturday, possibly one this Thursday, and one next Friday. Time to tinker with the Aggressive Game and see what happens. If I go out first, eh, I’ll play some FIFA soccer on PS2.

I’m still collecting pictures from Raw/Smackdorn on Monday, but it was merely “ehh”.

Oops, meetingstartinggottarunseeya.

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  1. Even thought we aint got money, I’m so in love with ya honey, Everything will bring a change, In the morning when I rise, bring a tear of joy to my eyes, And tell me everything is gonna be alright.

  2. zach, i highly advise you not to adapt a more “Aggressive Game”… once you adapt a “Smarter Game ™”, you simply see the correct spots for “Organized Chaos ™”. Without experience in how to use it, you are like a Jedi the first time they play with that floating lazer ball thing. you are going to get shot the fuck up. and it stings. oh, how it stings. Taking your current game and adding aggression is the recipe for an empty wallet and large money-veining-pennies to be sticking out of your neck.


  3. OK, but that begs the question: how do you go about developing a Tight Weak Tournament Game into the mythical Smarter Game ™ you speak highly of. I know we’ve had this approximate conversation (many times) before. Me: “Scientist plays aggressive and wins, I like that.” Scientist: “You’re not good enough to play that way.” What I’m doing now ain’t working, which is play tight until the final 5 or whatever and then get blinded out because the large stack uses it to his advantage and I’m too weak to do anything at that point. Then I get my AQ, push in, and his K6 beats me when he flops or turns a King.

  4. This is what I suggest:

    1. Master the basics. Fucking master them. I suggest first mastering limit. If you can’t crush the 1-2 game on pokerroom there is not much hope for you. Know why Lee Jones suggests the hands he plays in the position he plays them. Know and accept that your AA is toast vs 5 players. Know why limping with AK is dumb (you limp with it a lot, mister). Re-read the book. Then re-read it again. Then reread it one last time, and if you ever find your bankroll going into a tailspin, read it again.

    2. Get your temper in check. You may never be able to win at poker if you can’t control that puppy.

    3. Get a real bankroll. No man can do shit on pokerroom with 39 bucks. Learn and accept the swings of the game. 200 is a good start.

    4. While you are working on your limit game, play a few 5 single tables. Remind yourself before you play that the most you can lose is five bucks. Play your best poker and don’t get worked up when shit happens because it is going to happen. I suggest TJ-style for now.

    5. If you are winning at 1-2 and making the top 30 at leat most of the time, then come back and we can talk crazy man. Madd is right: if you use it now your shits gonna play like Pras’ solo CD.

  5. experience (paying attention to patterns while you play) is the only way.

    when a guy in seat 7 raises after UTG and UTG+1 both limped, how often does he have a pocket pair ten or higher? how often will the flop come all cards T or below? how often IF the flop comes T or lower can i win by check raising? if i check raise and get called, what range of cards can i bet the turn with? should i check raise again?

    i just wrote that all as i was playing a single hand in a single situation… big blind with 46o…

    i calculated that the player was more likely to have high cards or suited cards than a pocket pair because this was going to be a multi-way pot. i figure the pot won’t get 3 bet, and also realize that the flop will come all T or lower a high number of times, and in my position (perfect for check raise isolation), i will get the pot well over 2/3rds of the time. i call with 46o. the flop comes J83. not exactlly what i was looking for, but J high isn’t too scary at all in this situation… UTG and UTG+1 probably both have AJ, KQ, KJ or small pocket pairs… a check raise will scare any of those out. pre flop raiser will surely bet… all i fear is AJ, KJs, JJ, QQ, KK, AA… a very slim set of hands. pretty much any other hand he would have he would bet and fold to check raise, or fold on the turn if he didnt get his pair. if he calls the turn, i can check fold the river unless i hit anything. he bets predictably, i raise, UTG and UTG+1 fold, preflop raiser calls. turn is a 7. i bet, he folds.

    Organized Chaos. unless you have the experience to extrapolate out those odds and have the feel for when which moves are correct near instantly, you can’t just willy nilly start raising or re-raising without knowing WHY it will work then.

    you have to play. books won’t help.

  6. oops, i meant UTG and UTG+1 probably have AQ, KQ, QT, AT, AJ… only the Jacks will call, but they PROBABLY would have bet out anyways, so ignore them.

  7. I really can’t argue any of the points you two make except one: Know why limping with AK is dumb (you limp with it a lot, mister) is flat wrong. I haven’t limped with AK in limit since late November. If I have, you can count the times on half the fingers of one hand. I just have to state that for the record. I believe I know the value of AK pre- and post-flop depending on the flop. Temper: touche. Bankroll: noted. I’ll be reloading with $200+ on pr shortly to try and really have a go at $1-$2. In the meantime, I’ll just muddle my way through the the home game tourneys around here and try to find a winning strategy for someone of my limited skill. Thanks for the time you guys put in to post.

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