Writing Like A Human

This regards some things I see on customer feedback, so I have to be careful where I tread, but I want to try and explore why I think the vast amount of humanity are stupid half-breeds that need to be put down.

Before I start about what pisses me off, I have to note that I love customer feedback. As a contributing member of the product team, I love to see what our customers think about things; even if those customers are royally cheesed because our product doesn’t do Action X. It’s that feedback that drives the innovation. We innovate in areas that customers identify, and I appreciate the leadership for supporting that model.

However, seeing feedback that looks like it was written by a two-and-a-half year old enrages me more than you know. Possibly because these people aren’t asking for advice on how to export pictures from their iPhoto program to send to their grandkids. They are dealing with complex software with a complex purpose, yet writing about it as if they’re angry that their version of Lemonade Stand didn’t give them the bonus sales that hot days bring.

(Not Real) Example: “I ordered new widgets with widgetmaker on my invoice it said to reset the reorder alert I have version foo how does it work I cant find the reset.”

Just what in the green hell am I supposed to glean from that feedback? Write Like A Human, Dammit!

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  1. Madd, I think your poker skills are best off suited for helping campaign against drunk driving. Team up with a contingency of local mothers, and you can call you group Michael and mothers against drunk driving or MMADD.

  2. No, prices are high and I don’t know if we could afford every two weeks. Maybe once a month; that’s about how often we clean the place anyways.

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