Live Super Bowl Blogging

I’m going to try to blog our various reactions to the ridiculous spectacle that is THE SOOPER BOWL! Remember that afterwards is American Dad, the new show by the guy from Family Guy.

Current Favorite Commericial:
everyone but erin: bud light guy jumps out of airplane
erin: groovin asian tourists (and bridesmaids)

6:59pm (PDT): This game is fucking boring. The commercials suck. Fuck this, we’re watching UFC 50 on InHD.

6:17pm (PDT): Zach just pointed his ass at Erin and farted. Erin was less than pleased.

6:09pm (PDT): The city of Atlantica exists in Maine (also there is a Kingdom of Atlantica).

6:05pm (PDT): We are currently looking up to see if a city called Atlantica exists on the East Coast.

5:51pm (PDT): After Fox says that $2.4 million is what it costs to advertise 24 (and that it’s worth every penny), Blaine observes, “That’s some serious fucking cash, man.” Also, I’m kinda drunko, and we just watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean from GMC’s living room. I feel like Hemingway, drunk on the power of literate writing and Miller High Life. Later on, I’ll tell you all about my ideas for music videos of Rick James’ Mary Jane and Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, both of which came to me in a marijuana-fueled dream sequence.

5:19pm (PDT): Erin looooved the NFL Network commercial, “Tomorrow”. I shook my head at the weirdness. Joe Montana: “That’s my jam!”

5:14pm (PDT): As halftime starts, Erin declares that she would do Bard Pitt. Why? “Because he’s hawt.”

5:01pm (PDT): Erin consumes the first beer brat and declares it is “boob squeezingly great.”

4:46pm (PDT): Current internet consensus: the commercials this year suck. More to come.

4:40pm (PDT): We’re in a commercial lull, but hey: Eagles scored! Also, the ferret is running around loose and Erin is screaming bloddy murder.

4:17pm (PDT): Blaine said, “You know, Paul McCartney’s wife has a fake leg. On Larry King she took it off and everything.” Casperson: “What?!”

4:08pm (PDT): Blaine proclaimed the greatness of the Super Bowl. “Woooooooo!” he screamed. Casperson smoothly replied, “Wrong sport dude, this is football not wrestling.”

4:06pm (PDT): Erin demands to know the lyrics to the Packerena. This will not end well.

4:01pm (PDT):!

3:51pm (PDT): p. diddy dang doofus, what hath you wrought? also, that dolphin with the football was fucking freaky. also, that commercial with the mp3/camera thing where the old asian people were groovin; erin shouted out “whatever that product is, I want one!”

3:38pm (PDT): Holy fucking shit! That kid tossed the coin so ineffectually that if the Pats lose they should file for a re-flip and a replay of the entire game. Also, a child fell off his/her bike a block away and screamed for about 15 minutes until an adult came running. Pictures forthcoming when I get home from Casperson’s.

3:25pm (PDT): For a second I thought that the commercial with the monkey talking into the banana was someone (Cingular, etc.) gunning on Verizon fucking stupid mcloopid “Can You Here Me Now?” bullshit.

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15 thoughts on “Live Super Bowl Blogging

  1. Funniest commerical verdict from our friends house:Guy with the cat covered in spaghetti sauce with the knife.

  2. no takers on the short story? ok what else i got? like jen h i got nothin. moenypenny got your message and yes i am down for golf. will have to be in march because i’m all crazy until then. so let’s pick a day in march. i’ll try to think of something interesting today and post it. your frind, cal

  3. ok you california fuckers, last night i was playing around with winamps “internet tv” option under the file menu. looks interesting… ESPECIALLY the “demoscene” stuff when you’re a little intoxicated. anyways, i see a karaoke channel and check it out. wow, they are horrid.

    there is an activex control or something to watch it on the web:

    click on the box then click on install…

    then i discover this bar is in san jose. you fuckers better go there soon and i’ll record it via the magic of the internet.

  4. and cal, you are a sick fuck. i got through 2 sentances of your little ‘story’.

    go jack off somewhere else.

  5. Hey Moneypenny (either one): if you ever feel like crying, go to netflix and read the customer reviews for WWE PPV’s. Here’s one I copied for you.

    Francisco Prieto writes:
    I think that the movie is great for any (Chris Benoit, Mick Foley, and Kane fan ) I saw The movie and it was great! Its great for any wrestling fan and people who want to know what happened in the past.
    1 out of 4 people found this review helpful.

  6. Here’s another fun one:

    TN from Westminster, CA:
    “I love men’s wrestling. But I love to watch women’s wrestling. What ever happened to GLOW: gorgeous ladies of wrestling. They had their own TV show for 4 years from 1986 to 1990. I hope they put it on DVD.”

    Then for even more fun, you can click on “see more reviews by TN” and learn that he gives five stars to such flicks as Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Van Wilder. Here is what TN has to say about the Lindsy Lohan hit Mean girls:

    I liked all the actors and the movie except for Lindsy Lohan. I don’t know why Lindsy Lohan is the star or stole the movie. Half of the time her acting was monotone (acting w/o emotion) and the other half she was just narrating the movie. The real stars who really did any acting was Rachel McAdams (star of The NoteBook;good thing Rachel stole the role from Britney Spears), the Gothic girl(don’t know her name) and the girl(don’t know her name) whose father is the inventor in the movie. Also, in Freaky Friday Jamie Lee Curtis did the real acting not Lindsey Lohan. Jamie Lee stole the show and she deserved it. And God! Lindsey Lohan is so ugly. Everybody knows she was hospitalized for drug use. Who the hell gets hospitalized for work exhaustion. And of course she’s only 18 and has to be hospitalized for that. When ur exhausted from work, u take a break, stay home and rest, not go to the hospital.

  7. Well, ok…one more:

    SB from Azusa, CA

    All that can be said about this is … THIS IS THE SLAM OF THE YEAR ….. huuuuge matchups just EXPLODE on your face … The Triple threat Inter-continental battle between Te Animal Batista / Edge / Y2J is just awesome. The BIG RED MONSTER and Matt Hardy slug it out for the beautiful LITA, and the immense talent of EUGENE when he gives a ROCK BOTTOM and a STONE COLD STUNNER to The Game … o man that was tooooo good . Not to mention the main events … THE PHENOM v/s JBL … and the final matchup for the WWE Heavyweight Championship … The Crippler Crossface v/s The lEgend Killer. Guys … if U r a WWE fan .. dont miss this one.
    3 out of 11 people found this review helpful.

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