$73,500 In Fines

Wow. The Madison Police Department just shit all over a couple of dudes on Mifflin Street. Some guys had a house party and when the cops showed up they started handing out citations to everyone in sight. Then, a week later, the cops returned with citations for the party hosts themselves: $10,500 each. Holy shit, if that had happened to me when we threw parties at Regent St. I woulda had to to quit school to start paying off citations as my full-time jorb.

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6 thoughts on “$73,500 In Fines

  1. Hells yeah. We built a bar in the basement and urrthang. Also, here’s my review of Royal Rumble 2005:Royal Rumble is always the favorite pay per view of the year because of THE RUBLE and other GREAT matches. Edge versus SHAWN MICHAELS was EXPLOSSSSIVE MATCH OF THE DEACDE. When Brian Kalish hit the superkick me and my friends jumped up and high-fived each other!!!!!BATISTA BAH GAWD won the rumble when he threw John Cena and his CHAIN GANG over tha top rope. The end was too cool for all of you: GENE SNITSKY, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER, AARON O’NEIL, SPANISH ANNOUNCE TABLE. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Why are we working real jobs?! We should be party consultants!!! Quit your job today before we give this any thought and lets follow our dreams!!!

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