Bow Chicka Bow-Bow

BORING! While waiting for a design to be finalized so I can finish coding the project I’m working on, I started to drift off to sleep. CURSE YOU~ gmc and your filling luncho! I’m full of PEPPERCORN BURGER from Chili’s and Queso Dip (also, Electric Limonada.)

Not much in the way of content lately, but I promise it’s because I’ve been working my ass off trying to make partner around here. I think I’m almost there… oh… wait, not a law firm. ~KURSES!

I really, really wish I could scan and post the sheet of paper that I stared at for a full 30 minutes today. You would conclude that I am a madman and that my job is composed primarily of Nonsense and secondarily of Nutri-Nonsense™. Unfortunately, due to corporate law and the little disclaimers at the bottom that say “Intuit Confidential — for internal use only” I can’t show you, or tell you. Believe me when I say that to look upon it is to invite madness nito your soul. Next time you see me in person ask about it and I’ll do an interpretive dance. Then you’ll know the ||04404!

Guess what: I’m reading a book right now. The Name:

Pattern Hatching
Design Patterns Applied

Interesting, huh? It’s awesome (read: no it’s not). I wish I had purchased a book on How To Succeed At Starting Your Own Nightclub. Chapter One: The Catch-22 Of Owning A Nightclub Is That You Don’t Want To Let In Dudes, Yet They Are The Only Ones Who Bring Money To Spend; You Want To Let In Chicks So Dudes Will Come And Spend Money, But Not So Many That It Hurts Profits. Maybe I should just write that book.


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  1. You also have to have enough black people to make it diverse but not so many that it scares away the white people.

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