A New Era? Probably Not

The pro-choice/pro-birth tussle is one of the most bitter divides in American culture. Moseying around the ol’ internet today, it appears that the pro-choicers are attempting to reach out to the pro-birthers with peace offering.

Thumbnail of NARAL open letter to pro-birth activists.

While pro-birth zealots like to believe that pro-choicers eat fetuses and bath in their stem cells, it is more true to say that pro-choicers are enthusiastically anti-unwanted pregnancy. It can be presumed that the pro-birthers are as well. If both sides could unite behind the primary cause of reducing unwanted pregnancy while secondarily supporting their existing causes, perhaps we could get to a point where there aren’t many abortions period. Any maybe I’ll be elected the King of China.

4 thoughts on “A New Era? Probably Not

  1. Yeah, what the right doesn’t get is that Pro Choice != Anti Life. Nobody *wants* abortions. But we feel that if that’s what a woman has decided she wants, she should be able to have one.

    Of course, the same people who are Pro Life are also the ones that don’t want to teach birth control in school because they think people shouldn’t be having sex before marriage anyway. “Just tell them not to have sex, that will fix everything!”

    I’m too lazy to verify this, but I believe Franken just said that abortions were actually *down* under Clinton, and up under Bush II. Anyone want to look that up?

  2. That meme has been aroud the blogosphere for close to a year now, though I’ve never actually looked up the source. I’ve also seen it referenced in some prominent op-eds.

    Also, I have to admit that the “pro-birth” frame is quite brilliant if it could ever get traction, because so-called pro-lifers are not really pro-life. Oh sure, there is definitely a minority that is pro-birth, anti-death penalty, etc., but most Christian wingers just want to see the kid shot out of a vag and then who gives a shit? It doesn’t matter to them after the deed is done. So let’s call a spade a spade: pro-lifers are really just for birth, and then they move on to the next moral outrage, whether it’s evolution in schools, “damn” on television, or seeing an asscrack before Monday Night Football starts.

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