On The Take

While Wirkus indeed warned me not to play 5-handed games on pokerroom, after examining my statistics I noticed that I am extremely profitable at 5-handed or less games and not as much at 10-handed. I’m been paying around the last few days and things seem ok, though I do have your warning in the back of my head at all times.


8 thoughts on “On The Take

  1. 1. NEWSFLASH: Tori’s latest CD comes out next Monday; concert in Chicago on April 15th – a Friday. Anyone wanna come out for a weekend? Adam Jensen and I are already going together for old times’ sake. 2. Something strange came over me yesterday: I cooked a dinner of tacos al pastor, beans and two-color corn, and f*cking baked TWO DOZEN CUPCAKES COMPLETE WITH WHIPPED CHOCOLATE FROSTING AND SPRINKLES. It must be love, folks. Later in the night after just one beer and one glass of wine (all it takes now that I don’t have time for anything but law, let alone debauchery), I freaked out. I was like, I baked. I f*cking baked. Then I passed out from the shock of it all.

  2. I’m watching you…(and BTW, it was I fucking baked, not I was fucking baked, although I was that, too).

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