I Declare You… Inconvenient!

After working in a job that regularly requires medium-term planning (several months) I now find myself exasperated by people who have no fucking concept of the idea. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Starting last year and continuing through next year, Marquette Interchange reconstruction is knocking down each bridge over I-43 into downtown Milwaukee, one by one. And as that happens, commuters from the city’s west side are increasingly asking how they’re supposed to get to and from work.

“Why, while this freeway work is going on and people are taking alternate routes, is there construction which is simultaneously closing lanes or entire streets on Juneau, Highland, Wells, Wisconsin and Michigan?” asks Dave Kern, a Wauwatosa driver. “It honestly seems as though someone is going out of their way to screw things up for we west-siders.

On the contrary, Brian Manthey says, the state Department of Transportation is going out of its way to avoid screwing things up for west-siders.


“We’re not just ripping them all down at once and shutting everything down at the same time,” Manthey said.

Yes, Dave Kern, everyone in Milwaukee is conspiring against you and your daily commute. The mayor, DA, and city aldermen all sat down and said, “Gentlemen we need a long term plan to replace every bridge in the city. How can we do that while pissing all over Dave Kern’s morning commute?.”

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8 thoughts on “I Declare You… Inconvenient!

  1. 1. Best Soul Food in Madison: the Vera Court Neighborhood Center’s Black History Month celebration. You’re probably wondering how I know this. I cannot reveal my secret sources.
    2. I saw Todd Mauer at Madison’s on Friday surrounded by a bevy of lovely ladies. Drunkenly, I asked if he was married, then realized that I had gotten him confused with Scubby. Hopefully you didn’t go home solo on Friday, Todd-O. If you did: my apologies. Also at Madison’s was an amateur lesbian soft core porn extravaganza – oh wait, that was just a bunch of drunken hairdressers from the East Side.

  2. This whole situation is horseshit. The “west-siders” or the people from the burbs were the ones bitching about how they didn’t want the county to expand the freeway system and add more lanes out in the county. Which brought on the construction of the interchange (along with aging structures) because the same people were bitching about traffic into the city each day.

    Juneau and Michigan (among other mentioned) are main streets that go through the heart of the city. They sustain huge amounts of traffic each day and thus need to be repaired often. Fack I’m glad I’m out of that city…

  3. Fack. It’s facking impossible to drive home each facking day. I cannot wait until we get the fack out. And that’s a fack-t.

  4. I came upon the coolest thing ever (well, at least since Madison McDonald’s all decided to open 24 hours). http://www.gizoogle.com You all may already know about it, but if not, it’s pretty funny. I googled “Pope John Paul II”, & this is what it came upn with…”The Holy See – The Hizzle Playa – J-to-tha-izzohn Paul II
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