Psst… Come Over Here

Psst, come over here. Let me tell you a secret. Closer… closer… ok, here it is: you can’t bluff someone off a pot in 5-handed hold’em when they always have top pair… ALWAYS. Or two pair. All you’ll end up doing is losing $80 in 30 minutes. Remember, if you are playing 5 handed, and someone has top pair EVERY SINGLE TIME you make a go at the pot, you will lose. Big. This has been a public service announcment from me.

4 thoughts on “Psst… Come Over Here

  1. 1. this is why you need more experience to make organized chaos work correctly and smell out traps and when you are beat.

    2. this is why you don’t play shorthanded.

    also, i made a G today…. but i made it in a sleezy way.

  2. I shouldn’t have been playing at that table to begin with. It was tight as hell, so all I could do was steal blinds (whether I was on a steal or I raised with a legit hand). When someone played back at me (even with AQ or AJ) they always seemed to hit their second card on the flop (Q93 or JT5) so that when I raised on the turn to try and turn them off they just reraised and I had to get out, or if I had top or second pair I called and got shown down at the end. From what I’d seen so far in these games, you could make second pair work for you a lot, depending on the situation.

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