I Really Don’t Care If You Understand This

Seat 1: zachery [KD,KS] ($66 in chips)
Seat 2: jzpiano14 ($119 in chips)
Seat 3: mark22prior ($83 in chips)
Seat 4: Seatrek ($70 in chips)
Seat 5: Jamba_Jamba ($288 in chips)
Seat 6: igotacehigh ($191 in chips)
Seat 7: jedmaster ($41 in chips)
Seat 8: flekk ($629 in chips)
Seat 9: mr.stirfry ($419 in chips)
Seat 10: daddyfattsax ($36 in chips)

Jamba_Jamba posts blind ($1), igotacehigh posts blind ($2).

jedmaster folds, flekk folds, mr.stirfry folds, daddyfattsax folds, zachery bets $4, jzpiano14 bets $6, mark22prior folds, Seatrek calls $6, Jamba_Jamba calls $5, igotacehigh folds, zachery bets $4, jzpiano14 calls $2, Seatrek calls $2, Jamba_Jamba calls $2.

FLOP [board cards 10D,10C,JH ]
Jamba_Jamba checks, zachery bets $2, jzpiano14 calls $2, Seatrek folds, Jamba_Jamba calls $2.

TURN [board cards 10D,10C,JH,KC ]
Jamba_Jamba checks, zachery bets $4, jzpiano14 bets $8, Jamba_Jamba folds, zachery bets $8, jzpiano14 bets $8, zachery calls $4.

RIVER [board cards 10D,10C,JH,KC,AC ]
zachery bets $4, jzpiano14 bets $8, zachery bets $8, jzpiano14 bets $8, zachery calls $4.

jzpiano14 shows [ 10S,10H ]
zachery mucks cards [ KD,KS ]
jzpiano14 wins $101.

Dealer: Seatrek
Pot: $104, (including rake: $3)
zachery, loses $42
jzpiano14, bets $42, collects $101, net $59
mark22prior, loses $0
Seatrek, loses $8
Jamba_Jamba, loses $10
igotacehigh, loses $2
jedmaster, loses $0
flekk, loses $0
mr.stirfry, loses $0
daddyfattsax, loses $0

11 thoughts on “I Really Don’t Care If You Understand This

  1. Tough one, homie. Maddginer and I were playing 1-2 and talking poker this morning and he made some good points about shit evening out. Lets say you make 500 playing poker. The thing is you never really make 500. You make 1000 then lose 500 for a profit of 500. I agree 1000%. The key is knowing this, accepting this, and not losing your mind over it. Two weeks ago I made 800 in about 10 hours of poker. Last week I lost 300 in about 17 hours of poker. I’ve had something like 11 sets busted in the last two days. Sure my feeling are hurt, but I’m taking it in stride, trying to lose as little as possible and taking comfort in the fact that things will turn around. The game really messes with your mind, but you just have to be strong about it if you ever want to be a really good poker player. Learning basic strategy is not too tough. I could teach almost anyone. But there is much more to the game. Take it to the next level, homie.

  2. 1. Zacaroni – did you finish What’s the Matter with Kansas yet? It changed my whole perception of the Clintons. I think I’m about to become a progressive. Will you write a review about it for us? Has anyone read “A People’s History of hte U.S.”? What did you think? Worth a read?
    2. That’s it.

  3. I really liked WTMWK, if only because it illustrates how crazy the fringe right is. I had to read through the part about the self-apoointed Pope twice. That’s just batshit insane crazy, right there.

  4. Hey, speaking of the pope… if the pope dies, can I have meat for dinner to mourn his passing? Is lent still in effect if the pope dies?

    Also, where is madd going to get married, since he was kicked out of the church? Does he have to go to the Church of the Scientist in Sunnyvale? Just curious.

  5. He’s getting married at Lucky Chances Casino in Colma, CA. After the ceremony he’s gonna play 6-12 hold’em while Rachel watches. His best man is going to be Tran Nguyen, a local ragamuffin.

  6. we are either getting married in la crosse or madison so both families are close, and probably having an outdoor wedding to avoid dealing with the corrupt church.

    if the pope dies, i’m drinking all night, making little pope doll and urinating on them. all in the name of Mary.

    tough beat… but that shit happens daily. my KK got beat by Q2o when wirkus was sitting with me. 3 bet the whole way. then the same guy took out my AA with QTs when he flopped the flush and i had the A of the suit. good thing i made it back when i got heads up with some moron capping it the whole way with rags only to river the nuts! BOO YAH. man that guy sucked. … oh wait PAL, it was you!


  7. That was a fun table, and to stay on topic, I declared myself the pope of the table. Twice I decreed we cap preflop. The only takes were happypaul, ROOKIE5, Muta and Valentina12. Me and tina split a monster when his 77 and my J7 made a str8. But that fag got lucky… I had top pair AND the opended str8 draw and that monkey got lucky on the river. In the above mentioned bad beat, homo had position on me, raised with AQ. I called with J10 since I was already in for a bet. Flop was 10 high and me and the chimp 4 be it. The turn in a K, I bet, he raises, I call. The river is a J: cap again. HERO shows two pair Js and 10s. Monkey flips up an A high str8. To his credit, if he had me on a 10 he had mucho outs on the turn, but really I doubt it: Homo was on tilt due to the fact that ROOKIE5 bought, owned and sold him time and time again.

  8. PAL, i thought you understood more about poker.

    you had to put me on a pair better than a T, or AK or MAYBE AQs. after all the flop action you should be sure i had overpair, or AK. when the K hit and you bet and i raised, i basically had any J,Q,K,A (minus one because you obviously have TJ, TQ, TK or TA).

    anyways, your correct play was to fold the turn. you could not have put me on any hand that you had correct chance of winning.
    i am simply the best. i made a G today. i made it in a sleezy way.

  9. Jen – I am currently reading People’s History. Well written and informative, but I am stuck in the revolutionary war right now, so I can’t offer a full opinion just yet.

  10. My thoughts on that hand…

    On the flop: No way this clown has an overpair. My pair of tens is good. RAISE.

    Turn: K hits. Did this clown cap it with AK? Maybe, but he could have 88 or 99 and on the flop, refused to give me credit for a 10. No way he buys that this K helped me, but at the same time I’m not really buying it helped him. 10’s are good. Bet. You raise; I call, thinking that maybe you do have a monster but at the same time doubting it as you had had AA, KK and a bunch of others in the last 15 or so hands and tend to really push shit vs me because you know I get out of your way most of the time.
    River: J hits; we cap. I do not have you on a set of kings. No way I have you on AQ. Part of me thinks I had you from the get go, but now as we cap on the river, I think that maybe this poor monkey did have AA or QQ and I just slapped a bad beat on him. I was wrong, oh well, but I ‘m pretty sure I’d lose money if I folded to you everytime you showed strength. We’ll call it even for the hand on Friday where my over pair beat your set by turning a better set. POOP.

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