Conversation Killer

I added a new plugin to the MovableType installation (which controls all the content management here on wm). Conversation Killer automagically closes the comments section on any post older than 7 days. I figured no one really posts to old stuff anyways, so why keep it open for spammers to post V1aGrA ads. And the result? The plugin is already broken for one reason or another, even though it worked last night when I installed it. Jesus, why does this shit break on a daily basis? Did I scuff God’s sneaker and pour Morton’s Salt on it without remembering?

3 thoughts on “Conversation Killer

  1. Spammers were posting Viagra ads? They must have noticed the preponderance of engaged/married people on this site. Ha. OK – nevermind. I thought of you guys in class today. The prof said: to all you students who are gambling online instead of listening to me, claim preclusion will be a question on the exam. He’s a nice guy, and often tells us stories about his cognitively disabled sons instead of talking about res judicata and other stuff that will cause me to fail out of school this semester.

  2. Oh Jenny, if only you could see the shit that my MT-Blacklist plugin filters out so that the virgin eyes of readers are not assaulted with BuY V1aGrA hErE ads. Sometimes it is post extolling the virtues of rock hard, long cocks. Other times it is some guy trying to get you to gamble online. Goddamit, online-gamblin-man, I promote my own gambling affiliates, I don’t need none of your guff.

  3. I only get (so far) posts for online casinos (or *one* online casino), but their bot isn’t very smart, and I’ve added a blacklist.

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