Introducing… RAJ

Hi everyone, zmoneype graciously asked me to become a regular poster here on He said he’d rather concern himself with the behind-the-scenes administration than with posting content. RAJ’s first order of business: fellas to the left and ladies to the right. Now ladies, c’mon over here.

Why don’t GMC post here no mo’? He’s got tales for days. Get out here and post.


8 thoughts on “Introducing… RAJ

  1. No I’m not…here’s some crazy wrestling stuff I just found out:

    The Brooklyn Brawler was also Doink the Clown

    The McMahons have another daughter named Marrissa who looks just like Stephanie

    Hillbilly Jim runs the WWE video collection

  2. Where to go to possibly . . .

    Be chased by hellhounds,
    See statues come to life,
    Go camping with ghosts,
    Pick up a vanishing hitchhiker,
    Sleep in a haunted bed & breakfast,
    Worship with a phantom church.

  3. Hillbilly Jim runs the WWE video collection

    Of course he does. All major archival sites around the nation are run by hillbillies. Didn’t you know?

  4. I liked the weird-wi link. From Ghost Hunting Dos and Don’ts:

    ” If you feel something, like a presence, never let off right away that you do.”

  5. smart! that why ghost thinks “Nobody notices! i can float here all day and NOBODY NOTICES!” and then -WHAM- in the net fuck face! wirkus please, more ghost catching tips!

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