Friday’s Top Random Ten

Before I leave work for a weekend of housecleaning and (hopefully) fix-up projects, I’d like to give you a view into My World. Lately, it’s been fashionable around blogtopia (thanks skippy!) to play a little game called Random Top Ten where you turn on your iPod, enable Shuffle, and list the first ten songs that leap out of your headphones (or speakers if you’re lucky enough to have an office rather than a cube). So, without further ado, here are RAJ’s Random Top Ten:

  1. Trying to Find a Balance — Atmosphere
  2. Slacker — Techn9ne
  3. Many Men (Wish Death) — 50 Cent
  4. Ain’t No Fun — Snoop Doggy Dogg
  5. We At It Again — Timbaland & Magoo
  6. Sing For The Moment — Eminem
  7. Real Love — Mary J. Blige
  8. Scar Tissue — Red Hot Chili Peppers
  9. Players Ball — Outkast
  10. Considerate Brotha — Timbaland & Magoo feat. Ludacris

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m working off of the My Top Rated playlist. Next week I’ll try to go off a different one. We’ll see what comes up. Have a good weekend; smoke ’em if you got ’em.


13 thoughts on “Friday’s Top Random Ten

  1. The menu on the side of the screen goes away when I post a comment. What’s happening? What’s happening?

  2. holy christ. i don’t know if you read maddox or not, but whatever, read this clicky clicky
    This is a serious fucking swing for our fucking planet. If you don’t see it, you’re retarded. hell, i could probably say your retarded and you wouldn’t even notice. see… you didn’t, did you?
    there is no internet “FCC” because it isn’t a limited broadcast space such as radio waves and does not NEED to regulated… therefore the first amendment wins, and people can say whatever the fuck they want.
    the classic problem, when people say whatever they want and build an audience, the lure for advertising revenue leaps from every direction. the media industry propegates it, “if you’re famous, your rich”… hell, they even made a show called “LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS”… NOT “LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH, WHOM YOU PROBABLY DON’T KNOW, BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS WEALTH DOES NOT IMPLY FAME OR VICE VERSA”. NO! the name implies wealth and fame are sonumumunumonomonolous.

    so whenever an internet writer builds a large enough audience (100,000 unique sets of eyes a day we’ll say), they could throw up a few ads and make 6 figures[1]. they’ll be able to buy that shiney stone on that sparkly rope chain[2] you’ve always wanted.

    [1] NOTE: creative content now must meet our terms & conditions and be pre-approved 60 days in advance and labled for violence or adult content. soul will also be forfeited.
    [2] NOTE: this may possibly be a media propegated claim… maybe we all AREN’T born with the fixation to have squiggly S’s with lines through them fixated on a metal loop of element Pt encrusted with clear carbon shards… however i am not at liberty to guess, for I rock bling daily. HOLLA.

    not quite sure what i was talking about.

    oh yeah, maddox. thank you scroll mouse, you make scrolling easy, for millions. daily. we owe you.

    anyways, he stayed the course. he didn’t sell out. he let his site grow and grow. it must costs thousands to keep running every month. he just eats the cost as a FUCK YOU to the man. and for this attitude his audience grows at a viral pace, thus increasing the wow factor of how committed this guy must be to spend even more just so i could read what he writes.

    eventually you gotta “get paid”… you just have to, or it isn’t worth it anymore… most people equate this level of payment monetarily, as the media has taught them… money fame power. money cash hos. money power women. it all starts with money baby, and i want some. of course the media will give you money if you propegate that image… that is what money is all about.

    anyways, maddox just completely fucked up that market. the money the media offers “audience grabbers” comes from corporations. their money comes from products being bought by consumers. consumers buy products after learning about them on whatever stage they watch. that stage could be a TV, radio, musical recording, stripper, influential street personalities, etc etc.

    So for now the entertainment industry works like this: don’t say anything TOO bad about any product that MAY be able to afford our advertising costs, that doesn’t have competition already paying us, but PUSH THE FUCK out of any products that WILL pay our extortion. first come, first served, you pick the rules, and NO you can’t show a titty at a football game
    he just flipped the script. he just bit the hand of a big ass monster that he doesn’t care if it feeds him or not. my question is if he would accept money in the future to NOT totally punk out a company and surely cost them about $1,000,000? now that opportunity will surely present itself. somwhere. soon. if out of 100,000 people even 10,000 buy airline tickets (probably higher, these are internet savvy people)… thats $100 each. that is like 1/3rd of the average ticket price each, so if even once out of 3 times someone picked travelocity over orbitz on the TIE (i would usually go with orbitz because they advertised more… bahhhh bahhhh), they would easily be out $1,000,000.
    so it would obviously be worth AT LEAST $500,000 to convince him to not publish his thoughts on their product on his stage. not this is not THEIR stage. hey have NO CONTROL over this stage. the stage police can’t get online. they don’t know the password or something.

    the reason this changes things is because now everyone knows that it can happen. marketing departments are meeting all around the county contemplating whether or not they should up their customer service representatives for fear they will upset a major internet stageman.

    will this start a trend for word of mouth trust over media trust? will this bring back the sense of family to america? is this a republican conspiracy? should i be a mormon? will the penguin get away with his dastardly plan? find out tomorrow… or maybe in a generation or 2.


  3. More dumb consumers who don’t know their rights from their own asshole. I bought a ticket on Orbitz once, only minutes after clicking “accept” or whatever to realize that I had gotten the AM and PM mixed up (dumb consumer, I am). I called them immediately to ask for the charge to be reversed, and because they are, as Maddox says, such idiots, they refunded my card twice. In effect, I got a free round trip ticket to where I was going. Boo yah. I will continue Orbiting. Plus, now that I’m a law student, I just threaten people all the time, like that girl on eBay who tried to sell me some defective jeans. Madd, just tell people that you are a lawyer and they will do anything that you want – and they’ll never ask for proof. It works like a charm.

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