Man, I thought I swore a lot, but this lunatic has it down pat. “Sandra Bray O’Cuntface”?! There’s the steaming right-wing for you. Here’s my favorite quote (regarding the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill:

We knew this was going to happen the moment Traitor McCain’s brainchild survived Congress (and yes, betraying the Constitution IS treason, we don’t give a fuck how many years he spent in the Hanoi Hilton, so cut out that crap before you get started. It’s irrelevant), and there it is.

This guy really hates people. I think he is the definition of hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate


7 thoughts on “Haterade

  1. 1. First of all, everyone who knows a goddamn thing about anything knows that SDO’C is far from “liberal.” Just because she doesn’t orbit Mars like Scalia – using “textualism” to justify arbitrary value judgments in favor of states’ rights, but against individual rights – don’t mean shit. Second of all, the Const. is vague on purpuse (in case fuckwits like the anti-idiot needed that spelled out for him). You have to get up pretty early in the morning for me to accept that defining “cruel and unusual punishment” as it evolves in society (I mean, face it, people, we’re not throwing prisoners of war to tigers for entertainment like the Romans anymore) is NOT part of the Article III powers of the Supreme Court. Scalia is just mad because he’s fucking textually crazy. Also – our professor calls him the bad guy of our con law course. He says every story, even boring constitutional law, needs a bad guy.
    2. Also, McCain is like, the last true old school Republican left. He doesn’t like big government (which GWB does – i.e. NCLB, Homeland Security Dept.), etc. Also, it is really interesting to me that Republicans don’t die at a very early age from the strain of their own hypocrisy. How can you promote property rights and states’ rights, and NOT individual rights and privacy? This is for all you right wing neocons out there: you want to make your bed that way? Well then I’ll be the first one to tuck you into it, and don’t mind if I strangle the bedsheets around your scrawny blackhearted neck while I’m at it.
    3. I am applying to work in Colorado doing legal aid for migrant farmers. I think it’s because I’ve been listening to lots of Ani lately. It also means I should stop eyeing high heel summer sandals. You can’t easily be militant in 3-inch heels. Who wants to come to Third World America this summer and visit me?

  2. Colorado is the Third World? That ain’t gonna help red state-blue state relations. Also, I like the idea that the guy considers himself the Anti-Idiot Brigae when he’s the biggest maroon out there.

  3. By the way, it took me a moment to figure out who Big J was; I was under the impression that one of the mouth-breathers from the linked site somehow found their way back here (based on the initial first sentence reading). I imagine Big J as some some white trash guy screaming about Michael Moore while fingering his butthole and watching CNN.

    Fournier: that video you sent me is sick. Thanks for scarring me.

  4. Colorado isn’t the 3rd World, but conditions at migrant labor camps are. Sorry for all the confusion, red states. And for further clarification: I don’t really like McCain, but at least he is true to his platform – which at least I can respect … in theory.

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