Palo Alto Municipal Meh Course

Played some golf this morning at 7am. We played the back nine at Palo Alto Municipal and I started the tenth with a fairway shot and then an approach pin high about 10 feet from the hole. Nice. I then proceeded to shoot an eight on the par 3 eleventh and things were a bit downhill. I ended with a 49 after some hellacious shots out of mud and deep grass. It hasn’t rained here in a few days but the course was just soggy as all hell.

I’m looking forward to the game this Sunday with Cal and Simon. I WILL WIN~!


4 thoughts on “Palo Alto Municipal Meh Course

  1. Last night after 2 martinis:
    J: I want to be a public defender.
    Eric – fellow law student with whom all the gays are in love: Of all the thousand legal jobs I would consider, public defender is number a thousand.

    J: I’m going to apply to do union organizing in Chicago.
    Justin: You’re going to do union work in Daley’s Chicago? Are you crazy?
    J: No, I’m tough. And I’ll be in disguise.
    Justin: So you are crazy. I guess I already knew that.
    J: I will wear a disguise of blond hair and a vagina. No one will ever suspect me as a threat. (Insert evil world domination laugh)

  2. Here’s my situation. I have a 100% legit copy of Windows XP Professional that Amy bought from DOiT while she was still a student. I need to reinstall it. I have no CD key. I need an academic license key (OEM keys don’t seem to work). Am I screwed or can I find one somewhere?

    P.S. Big Show Life Update(tm) to follow soon

  3. Hey whazzers. just wanted to give Money and Cal a big thank you for letting me join their Tee Time on Sunday.

    Golfing is so hott right now.

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