Sweet Midgets It’s Nice Here

I just have to comment on the fantastic weather we’ve had the last two days. It’s been low 80s and sunny with nice breezes. I broke out the shorts for the first time of the year today and I can’t wait to get out and play golf with CAL~! and !~RO (CALRO?) Anyways, I don’t know what the weather is like in Wisconsin but come out here for a good time. Big J? When you coming out to visit? Big Show? I still owe Alandovos a visit to Phoenix; I just come off like a selfish asshole because I have one free weekend a month and I spend it lying on my couch shivering from fear that I should be somewhere else, like a play, dance recital, sporting event, wrestling show, musical, or dinner party. Note I didn’t say that I don’t like those things, only that they take up a lot of my weekends.

Have you jarbored a bujitive lately?


3 thoughts on “Sweet Midgets It’s Nice Here

  1. The company I work for is “strongly suggesting” that I read this book that basically identifies 10 characteristics that people with integrity display and then tells me how I can improve my own ethical behavior. Here are the ten:
    1. You know that little things count.
    2. You find the white when others see gray.
    3. You mess up, you ‘fess up.
    4. You create a culture of trust.
    5. You keep your word.
    6. You care about the greater good.
    7. You’re honest but modest.
    8. You act like you’re being watched.
    9. You hire integrity.
    10. You stay the course.
    I can’t decide if I believe that these are characteristics of people with integrity or not. The cover of the book says, “How taking the high road creates a competitive advantage in business”, which basically says to me, “Read this book to discover ways to act superior to your peers and therefore have a competitive advantage in business”. I don’t know. I have met a lot of people in the past three years who ask me how I’m doing to start out a conversation and then keep talking, as if “How are you?” is a statement to be passed by and not a question that I was asked and then not given time to answer before moving on. Pretty much the book has upset me.

  2. amen sister that’s some weak shit. THIS IS THE BEST WEATHER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Don’t feel too bad about the aborted trip to Phoenix. Since school + work is kicking my ass I probably would have only been able to provide a quiality tour of my loft while I’m working on my midterm project.

    PS. RUN out and buy “The Walking Dead” best new trade I’ve read this year.

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