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  1. Hey moneypnny, i was thinking about that word you mentioned but did not know how to pronounce… MeriamWebster.com has a button to hear a word pronounced. this is especially cool when you enter certain vulgarities. ha ha swearing computer voice never goes out of style. another neat function of this web site is a download to allow you to highlight any word on a page, click a “dictionary” button on your toolbar and it takes you to the definition. pretty neat!

  2. “Cal is pretty good at golf. He sank, like, a 50-footer, or something on the 17th hole. On the 14th tee, Ro asked, ‘Why do they call you Cal?’ and Cal miserably responded, ‘video golf'”

  3. Dude, CAL was shocking it yesterday. He won the Bingo Bango Bongo game we were playing. The guy who hasn’t golfed since the ice ages won. That’s gotta say something for his natural ability to golf.

    Zach’s improved a lot too. Besides the drives that the wind blew away he was on like king kong!

  4. 1. Best post ever: Step Five: Get two passport photos. Walgreens does a better job than Glamour Shots, but sometimes you just want to feel pretty.

    Sweet midgets – everybody whazz like the olden days.

    2. I went grocery shopping on Saturday night (in the ghetto). Two weird poor people things happened to me: 1) the woman in front of me in line at the grocery store paid for $100 of her $200 grocery store bill in food stamps. I was jealous. 2) In the produce section, some drunk/stoned person must have mistaken my cart for his/hers, because a random, paid-for 4-pack of Steel Reserve 16 oz. cans of malt liquor miraculously appeared in my cart. I enjoyed 2 of them last night. I heart the malt liquor fairy, whoever you are.

  5. wow, ask and you shall receive! thanks guys! I think it was a stoned wirksu who first noted that I have been forever defined by video golf. yesterday was a good time/romantic as hell. I was shocking it to the best of my ability… which is more like mildly addressing it but still, it took notice. ro is quite an impressive golfer and unlike me, does not cheat. moneypenny brought the “thunder” and when he hits it, it travels far. all in all a fine time was had by all.

  6. oh and thanks a million for that scrumbcious snickers bar. It hit the SPOT if you know what I mean and it carried me through holes 10-15. then, my shit when “ppphhhhtttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!”

  7. Whazzmaster.com List Format™ is back in effect:We used to drink Steeeel Reserve, like, i dunno, 3 years ago. Big J, that is so 2002.Good job getting it for free, though.I indeed bring The Thunder. 303 yeard drive on the 18th hole: oh yeah.We had Cal over for a Chik’n Meatless Patty on the grill and tots. Five pounds of tots do not cook well in one oven at 400° for 20 minutes.

  8. hey ro some of your website is broken. “news” for example. and, “random”.

    Also, “let the good times ROLL!!!” is a cliche no? how about Rougetimes.com: News is Broken. or Rougtiems: I Heart the Malt Liquor Fairy, Whoever You Are. i’m sure jen ahem big j wouldn’t mind you using taht one… anyway nice website. i have to go back to work now over and out,


  9. Dude, CAL, news and random are broken because Ya girl has yet to post anything on those links. I just created the newwest site. i was getting bored of the look of my old one. So its a work in progress. IF INTUIT ever game me any free time I’d fill this shit up!!

    Thanks for the cliche’s. If you come up with a better one (i.e. your suggestions did not impress me), let me know. I’d love to get an english patients outlook on my motto…

  10. check it out, you go to ro’s paget and you learn things:

    Ancient Persian New Year, otherwise known as “Noruz (No-Rooz)” falls on the spring equinox, around March 21st, on the Gregorian (western) calendar. Noruz is based on solar calendar which is the direct descendant of the Zoroastrian calendars of pre-Islamic Persia.

    what do you learn on whazzmaster.com NOTHING. i think there is a lesson to be learned here moneypenny. teach the children.

    (ro: how about Rougetimes: Learn What is No-Rooz)

  11. HA HA… Cal, you are crackin me UP!!!
    Whazzmaster, Learn about poker. yes! That should be money’s motto. The moneymaker not moneypenny.

    Persian New Year is next Sunday. I’m so excited. Its fucking awesome. No Rooz… =)

    I need to give the wisconsin folks a side lesson on persian new year since there are probably zero to no persians in wisco, am i right?

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