Sweet! Foreign Languagios!

At work my secondary monitor was all fucked up. The only way I could see anything on the screen was to put the contrast and brightness both at 100% and even then everything was dark-looking. The replacement they gave me is even older than the one it replaced, but I just hooked it up and it seems better from a shittiness, I’m-going-blind point of view. The only detraction: all of the hardware menus are in a foreign language, looks to be possibly Portugese. Meanwhile, I’m seeing 19″ IBM flat screens appearing on everyone elses’ desks around me (including interns and senior engineers). What’s it gonna take to get me one, huh? Maybe I gotta grease a few palms around here, or start putting out.

26 thoughts on “Sweet! Foreign Languagios!

  1. I have one of the new COOL monitors Zach. Come see me if you want to know how to GET IN with the NEW HOTTEST TREND thats hitting Intuit.

  2. Can you buy a flat screen monitor and run it through? When GT doesn’t buy us things we need, we go buy them and run them through – those little memory sticks, 10 keys, printers, print cartridges…

  3. My primary desktop machine is my development environment. My secondary desktop machine is my admin machine with email and Office installed. My laptop is for mobile development and web access to Outlook. What I really want is a 19″ flatscreen with a KVM so’s I can useboth my primary and secondary desktops with just one monitor. Fuck everything, we’re going to five blades.

  4. What do you think of linking the Whazzmaster taglines back to the stories where they originated?

  5. 1. What’s EOM?
    2. Why don’t I have a job this summer yet?
    3. I have a property midterm tomorrow that is so scary that I’m more nervous (and we have the option of not even counting it) than any of my real finals last semester. Fuck it, we’re going to five blades.

  6. What do you think of linking the Whazzmaster taglines back to the stories where they originated?Good idea, but I was thinking of writing a Movable Type plugin that would allow people to submit them just like the old site, and then have them rotate through the header. As far as linking them back to the original, I think I’d want a way to approve which ones go into regular rotation; I don’t really want the header to say whazzmaster.com: bleeding like an axe wound and have that get archived by google.

  7. First of all, this is really Erin, and not Zach. Zach’s little compy just auto-fills in stuff, and I kind of like being Raj.

    1. I knew I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what eom meant. It’s “end of message”, and Zach usesit at work.
    2. What happened to working with migrant farmers to make sure they know their rights?
    3. I say just don’t count it.

  8. greatest rap chorus ever:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ve been tak-in ex-ta-ceee, been drank-in hen-na-ceeee, theres-a-nekkid-chick next-ta-meeeeeeee…

    [repeat x2]

  9. Heather & Nathan are leaving work early together today to “watch some tournament games at a bar”, which I think is code for “get it on”. More updates on the Heather & Nathan story as it unfolds…

  10. Do normal people start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at 6 a.m. at the local bar? Does this happen in California? Or just Milwaukee? Madison? Please advise.

  11. My sister-in-law has been doing that very thing at some irish bar in downtown Milwaukee…allegedly, she is going to meet the rest of her friends tonight around 9pm. I don’t forsee that happening. She is a prime example of how many Wisconsinites will use any excuse to get as obliterated as possible.

  12. The bar downstairs from my apartment opened at 6 a.m. to serve beer and Lucky Charms to the Marq. undergrads. Why? Damn kids these days.

  13. I’m taking a stand against drunkeness and not drinking today. On Saturday, however, drinking will be done.

  14. I’ll probably fire down a couple of Guinness when I get home. A word to all the revelers out there…if you’re drinking, don’t drive. It is just retarded to do so. Personally, if any intoxication is going to take place, it will be from my living room while watching either The Incredibles or basketball. UW-Milw just upset Alabama 83-73.

  15. Apparently in San Francisco, there are lines down the block right now to get into the Irish bars. Fuckers! It is only 2 pm! Get back to work!

  16. Jen H… do you live above Hag’s? I think my friend Susan is paying to heat that entire building…

  17. For WWE whazzers: In an NCAA tournament game Batista (from Gonzaga) was battling in the low post with Bradshaw (from Winthrop). I was hoping for a clothesline but no such luck.

  18. wirksu, i was in a MTT with sfchef, talked shit for you… he remembered you, i challenged him to a $50 freezeout and broke him off in 49 hands (11 minutes) at 1-2 limit.


    also, poker tracker impresses me more and more each day, i imported all the data, and now i can go that session heads up against him, and play back all the hands like a video and watch me kick his ass over and over again.


  19. 1. KatieK – I live above Caffrey’s. It’s gross.
    2. I drank for 8 hours yesterday, and as a testiment to my maturity, I’m not even hungover. I did, however, find myself on Water street. It was gross, too. I prefer the comfort and safety of Walker’s Point gay bars.

  20. Good. Thanks. I hate that dude. The gut shot str8 flush he hit on me to take a 136 2-4 pot still haunts me (as well as his remarks that “thats what I get for raising with shit” (A10s on the button)) I’ll have to get off my lazy ass and set that shit up.

    In other news, I’m rocking out on Full Tilt, up about 200 already, but continue to slide on pokerroom (lost another entire 80 buy in at 2-4. That makes like 5 or 6 sessions in a row at pokerrroom where I’ve tanked an entire 2-4 buy in.

  21. 1) Wirkus-I tried to find your hotel the other day. I failed. I had even bought Parker a doggie bagel at Einstein’s.
    2) I am now officially The Madison Con-kayzee bellcaptain. Or as I prefer, “Bell-Princess.” So now, my employees consist of 15 disgruntled men & a 75 year old Cruella DeVille concierge. My first official duty as bellcaptain was approving Peterstiffly’s R/O for “Wrestlemania.” Damn-I wanted that day off!
    3) I realize most bloggers on this site are completely uninterested in what I have to say, so I’ll wrap up.
    4) Sweet as Candy didn’t really post, I posted under her name. She is back in town though (for those of you whom are familiar with Eros-debauchery circa summer 2003, she is the Covance girl Eros took on a “balloon ride.” Ewaz’s response to this…”The Eros in me, & the Erik who may actaully want a relationship are having an internal struggle right now.” We’ll see what happens.

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