Rainy Daze

All that great weather is now out the window, as the forecast for the weekend (and most of next week) is rain, rain, rain. How’s wisconsin weather?

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  1. Typical – snow last night, possible thunderstorms this afternoon, and five more inches of snow overnight.

  2. hey there bujitive jarborors… Here is a funny review of rock-and-roll moby’s new album. two and one half stars out of ten! ouch moby ouch!

  3. So I log on here for the first time in like a year and I find this…

    [March 17, 2005 07:56 AM] by Erin
    Heather & Nathan are leaving work early together today to “watch some tournament games at a bar”, which I think is code for “get it on”. More updates on the Heather & Nathan story as it unfolds…

    What the hell? Erin, I’m going to kill you.

  4. I hate you. I hope Kansas and Wisconsin both win tonight so they play this weekend and I can witness the Moneypenny fight that leads to divorce.

  5. Gonzaga sucks (don’t tell him I said that).

    Erin has also taken to shit talking co-workers she’s never met and copying me on it. I’ll never understand

  6. Well, if someone’s going to be a fan of Bucknell, and they’re going to tell everyone about it, I feel obligated to send out an email. It was a nice one, though. Very I’m-holding-back’ish. He didn’t respond to it, so I told Mike I think I may have messed with the wrong person, and Mike said, “Who is this guy?” I said, “He’s a senior associate in SF,” and Mike said, “Oh, he’s a senior? Who cares? He probably either thinks it’s funny, or needs to get a sense of humor.” Awesome.

  7. Dude, if Wisconsin and Kansas play there will be no fight, unless Wisconsin wins. Then Erin will lose her goddamned mind. If Kansas wins, however, I’ll just shrug and go back to reading Superfoods RX; you see, I’m just not that into college basketball.

  8. I got this phone call the other day….

    Erin – Zach has decided he is a fan of college basketball again just to spite me. I may or may not get divorced this weekend.

    That is my basis for expecting a fight. I would like to witness it, out of pure spite for the Nathan comments made by Erin.

  9. Someday Kansas is going to be the national champion again. On that day, I will be vindicated. Maybe after that, I will chill out about the basketball thing a little. But not until then. Until then, I will be crazy.

  10. can you name the movie w/o google?

    Kansas. Remember fucking Kansas?
    That was the one with the wheat,right?

    good luck! get it and you win a poem written by me about you.



  11. Oh shit, are you serious? That game counted? Roy would have at least got us to the third round.

  12. tivo “the little giant” informercial.

    it is on every night 100 times.

    over and over they keep saying in a recording “great for your home or office”… but i swear to god it sounds like they say “great for your homo office”.

    it’s on the background and i heard it like 3 times all bawk bawk whatish.

  13. holy christ. bust hustle ever.


    holy christ holy christ.

    i can not even put into words the number of VERY VERY advanced hustles going on in this informercial.

    FIND IT, WATCH IT. they are preying on old people and flat out lying.

    the best part, THEY AREN”T EVEN AFFILIATED WITH THE US GOVERNMENT! and it says so in tiny “honey get my glasses” print throughout the show.

    they claim $50,000 left in a bank account for 50 years will be worth exactlly $50,000 in 50 years, but gold … might be worth UP TO $250,000!

    first off… HUH?! second off, if you are going to look into the future, why PUT A CAP on the value my gold might be worth? why not say it might be worth $20,000,000… why… because $250,000 is the highest value that you don’t second guess. these guys are good, and many old people have a lot less money and a lot more $50 coins…. minimum order of 3 coins.

  14. Did anyone ever see that commercial on Saturday Night Live for robot attack insurance? They had Sam Waterston from Law & Order as the pitchman. It showed a “dramatization” of an old lady getting attacked by a robot resembling that of a bad 1960’s sci-fi movie. The final line was “Because you never know when the metal ones will come to get you.” The text on the bottom of the screen read, “Those denying the existence of robots may be robots themselves.” Funny shit.

  15. stiffly, yes… that was one of the best skits ever. dude kept a perfect straight face the entire time.

    the best part: the robots ran on prescription pills. hence the attacking of old people.

    sam was even like “why did the scientists make the robots run on pills? we don’t know, but we’re here to protect you.”

  16. All this basketball has got me feeling a little mad myself. Talk about upsets, though, folks. As long as Illinois wins, however, I think my life will be relatively pleasant. The Old Man, who took us to the Bucks on Friday, in his own basketball pool with himself, won on his bet on Vermont. Sometimes crazy laughs last at the end of hte day after all. I think I need some more malt liquor. It is spring break. I’m going to Iowa tomorrow to meet a certain s/o’s kid. I’ve never been so freaked out in my life. This is when travel sized vodkas come in handy.

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