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  1. sally 4th is the WORST comic strip of all time.
    Here is my impersonation of it:
    “Hi, I’m really boring”
    Cal, I bet you like that comic strip.

  2. I can’t see what my future has in storeBut I move forth with the strength of a condorThe courage of a warriorThe commitment of an American soldier-Duke guard J.J. Redick
    The Courage of a WarriororThe Madd Scientistby calThe Courage of aWarrior, Edrug Trader.Problems with Posterior.

  3. A quandry for the graduate minded whazzers…

    Two options for a class:
    1) A regular class that meets for the whole semester. Twice a week, 1hr 15 min classes
    2) A class that only meets for two months. Twice a week, 3hr 50 min classes.

    Which would you choose?

  4. if it is a fall class, take the semester long (b/c you’ll be in class when it is nice out). If it is a spring semester class, take the 2 month class so everything is over during the shitty weather.

  5. bonus chasers: ultimate bet has a 25% reload bonus right now. max $125 ($500 deposit). you get the bonus back instantly at the end of each session at the rate of $1 for every 10 ultimate points earned.

    i think at full tilt it was $1 for every 7 points earned, but maybe you earn points different… no clue.

    either way, i’m checking it out… i could use another UB polo shirt.

  6. Phoenix… then take the 2 month one… it’s sort of like summer school. It wil really suck while you’re doing it, but it will be worth it when it’s over…. plus, I bet 4 hours of stats would make it easier to absorb…??

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