Rock Me Like A Tornado

Strangely enough, a tornado touched down in South San Francisco on Sunday morning. It was fairly weak and there were no injuries, but it got me to thinking. Back in the days in Wisconsin I was (rightly or wrongly) terrified of tornados. Every spring when there was a severe thunderstorm I’d watch the TV, alert for tornado watches and their dread brother, the tornado warning. I was vaguely aware that Lake Michigan protected us from all but the most bizarre storms, but still I cowered during tornado warnings two counties away. Sunday, however, upon telling Erin in passing that there was a tornado some 40 miles away she responded, “What?! Should we be in a basement or something?” I realzed that it hadn’t even crossed my mind. I laughed it off, in fact. I figure it has something to do both with the fact that there are never tornados here along with my maturity and realization that, while I should be scared if a tornado is bearing down on me, those things generally don’t happen.




7 thoughts on “Rock Me Like A Tornado

  1. My wife is terrified of storms, tornadoes in particular…personally, I would rather sit on the porch and watch them than hide in the basement. I have some really great pictures of some storms that I took last summer (as an aside, Amy was packing the cats and hoarding supplies like it was doomsday while I was snapping the pics).

  2. Plus your rehearsal dinner almost got hit by a twister, until Scubby stepped out onto the balcony and said, “Move along, nothing to see here.” It would have been funny if a tornado snatched him up as he said it.

  3. You got it online anywhere? If not, if you can send it to me I could put it on whazzmaster so others could witness god’s wrath at your blessed union.

  4. Last summer there was a tornado touchdown in Madison while I was working at the Concourse. People from parts of the world where there aren’t generally tornadoes were freaking out. I was like “Sweet, a tornado”, but my manager wouldn’t even let me stand by the windows. We had to tell people to come down to the lobby and sit along the back hallway, even though they would have been just as safe sitting in bathroom of their rooms, since the Concourse is a solid fucking concrete building. Stupid evacuation procedures.

  5. Yeah, Amy had us in the basement with the laptop and radio during that. I was just kind of like “eh”. I still remember (Erin should too) a tornado warning during our 8th grade awards (?) ceremony. Kind of funny to see a gym full of people make their way into the basement of a school.

    And, of course, Lake Michigan never actually protected us from anything – that’s just a myth.

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