Spring Cleaning

Did some Spring Blogroll Cleaning and removed some deadwood. Anyone know of any blogs of some people I (and by extension many other people here) went to high school with? Or even college? Do Phill Violi, Jason Tangman, or Troy Oleck have a blog that I’m unaware of? I’d like to move beyond political blogs as they tend to make me depressed more than usual. Add suggestions in comments.


12 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Update on the class situation:
    1) A regular class that meets for the whole semester. Twice a week, 1hr 15 min classes
    2) A class that only meets for two months. ONCE a week, 3hr 50 min classes.

    Since I re-read the registration info, the suffering would only be once a week. I think the choice is the 10 week, hands down! Anyone disagree? It would make it so much easier to travel if I need to.

  2. alandovos that has got to be the boringest post ever. how about you go to the class that meets every day all day and all night? or you go to the class that meets on for one hour during the night every third monday? or why not go to the class that is held SOME OTHER TIME THAT IS EQUALLY BORING?!?!??!?!?!??! not that i am mr excitment but geez. what eles is going on? and dont tell me about your goddam house repairs or i’ll drive down there and give you something to repair. like a broken front door and hurt feelings and stolen stereo equipment. sorry for the cal beligeriance but really. how about you tell me something else? how about why you call yourself alan dovos what the hell is that? who the hell is alan dovos? WHOT HTEHHEL EIS ALAN DOVOS?./?WHOTHE HELL IS ALAND ODFVOS SHWOEHTE SHLELOIS HALSNA DOVDOSXOA FO EHTE LOVE OF GOD WAHTY DOHWAYW YWYWYWYWYWYWYWYWY

  3. sorry alan doves, you can make fun of me because it would be impossbile for me to drive there because i have no car. i could rent a car. haha- look how dumb. here comes cla in his rental ecomomy toyota. nice toyota cal. you are dumb.

  4. now i am going to tell a story using the pictures to the right of this website. one day judd was typing and noticed a map to his right. hey, he thought, i think i’ll go to jamica and pick up moneypenny. i wonder where he is. as it turns out moneypenny was at the mall buying movies. and then he went home. as he got home he checked his profile in the mirror he installed above his doorway. the mirrow away cirlular so as to see around corners this way he would not bump into his lovely wife or guests as he turned the corner in his home. fuck it, judd is at work typing, he’s not planning a trip or doing anyting fun, i’ll play dominoes. with casperson and scott. then it turned night and the street was a blur with excitement. the end.

  5. wirkus lets pretened you did know the movie was heathers and so you win the poem! here it is:

    mike wirkus
    keeper of animals,
    keeper of not bees, but ulgy dog
    haver of engagment promises
    very important engagement promises!
    one day he will get married and hopefuly
    the dog will have nothing to do with it for example dressing the dog in a tuxedo for laughs
    that would be so dumb, reminds me of “meet theparents”.

  6. Well… we’re putting a pool in the backyard, is that exicting enough? Sorry but I don’t have the skills to put that into a poem. And even if I did I wouldn’t steal your thunder cal.

  7. yes alandovos that is exciting. tell about the pool. kidney shaped? diving board? small pool? wading pool?

  8. Its a rectangular pool (very unusual for AZ) raised wall in on the back with stacked stone and scuppers (like mini-waterfalls). Depth is 3.5′-5′-4′. No diving board it isn’t deep enough.

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