Scott’s Birthday Party

Last weekend we all suprised Dr. 4nyay at P.F. Changs with a dinner. We ate a lot of faux-chinese food and drank a good amount of liquor. During the course of it, we took pictures. ~Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Scott’s Birthday Party

  1. I like PF Chang Bangers, but disagree with the faux lable. I mean, Chinese food as we know it is an American invention, so what’s the real deal? Some shit made with tripe that real broke ass Chinamen eat? Slurry? That 1.99$ a gallon beef they serve at Cal’s pal, Edward Fensel Furlong’s, in Chinatown?

  2. Plus, that retard would school me in poker right now: I have some sort of anti-horseshoe way up my ass.

  3. whazzzup. wirkus when are you coming here? any chance you will want to go hiking? moneypenny does taht sound like something you would do? castle rock st. park and big basin are right in your back yard and i’ll bet you’ve never been there. they are the greatest places in the world. can we take wirkus and guest there? please? you will love it i promise.

  4. Cal you never invite me to do anything gay with you and I live nearly next door to you. I’m offended.

  5. Who the hell is posting as me saying that I really don’t want to get completely gay with Cal… like penis in butt gay.

    Just to clarify, not happy gay, oil and hot pants gay.

    Running into Big J at the club, gay.

    You only have 1 pet, but you own a dog 3 gerbils… and a ferret, gay.

    Executive summary: My name is Ryan. I am Gay. Homosexual Gay. I want to be Homosexual Gay with Cal.

  6. Interesting post there, lads. I’m up for whatever. I’d like to hit the city first, catch the Brewers/Cubs game, and then, sure, I’d be up for some nature. After that I’d like dinner anywhere but the House of Garlic, and then I’d like to go out with all plus Cheryl. I think we should stay at Cal and Greg’s house of love. In the morning I’d like to swing by GMX’s and then Iike to spend the rest of the time in Cherry California at Erin and Raj’s House of Blues. I’d like to see Judd. I’d like to see Scott. I’d like to egg thug mansion if we have time. I’d like to eat sushi.

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