Where in the World is RAJ?

It’s 8:11am and I’m in a hotel looking down at the beach in San Diego. Weird, huh? Well, after a whirlwind weekend of Wirksu, HIKING~, drinking, eating, poker, and sushi I had to run home, throw a load of underwear in the warsh, and hop on a plane myself to get down to SD where I’ll be working until Thursday.

I’d like to do a Wirksu Trip Report, but it will have to wait until I return home as I can’t upload my photos of the Death March from here in the hotel.

Based on intel from Steven Ejercito, I have a good idear about some bars to check out downtown, so I’m gonna check that out tonight or tomorrow. I’d love to play the back 9 at Torrey Pines but I was in such a rush I didn’t bring my clubs.

UFC on Saturday was tite, too tite. Sceizzer: Wirksu played against some Asian hobos at Garden City. I don’t think he liked id, but maybe he’ll tell the story of the sour creamed-walrus man or the wily femme fatale at the table.


4 thoughts on “Where in the World is RAJ?

  1. i think i know who walrus man is… dude doesn’t look it, but he is 100 years old. seriously.

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