Good News A-Comin’

There’s good news a-comin’ down the pike, but I don’t feel it’s my place to tell y’all. I’ll let Rock Chalk do the honors once she checks in on Whazzmaster.


40 thoughts on “Good News A-Comin’

  1. Promotion? They’re going to re-run the NCAA tournament and make Kansas win? Spiders and hobos are being eliminated from existance? What man?!?! Spill the beans.

  2. Holy shit I read that post and thought I might be pregnant, and that Zach was the only one who knew. But no, I signed a job offer today for a new job! Woo hoo. First day = May 2nd.

  3. erin congrats… i really thought that job was going to kill you.

    1 very obvious question… why the christ did you stay through tax season!?!

  4. GMX, I read about Hawthorne and Clinkscale in the State Journal. What a bunch of dumbasses!

    “Hey, the NFL combine is coming up next month. Maybe I’ll keep smoking weed so I can be on the first offenders list before I even play a down in the NFL. I can also drop my draft status by about one round and cost myself about half a million dollars in signing bonus. Awesome.”

  5. holy christ, i’m rich bitch!

    Texas Hold’em $10-$20 (real money), #821,995,117
    Table Kapstadt, 15 Apr 2005 9:58 AM ET

    Seat 1: loboczar ($991 in chips)
    Seat 2: DaveCarl ($976 in chips)
    Seat 3: pokermon86 ($1,459 in chips)
    Seat 4: EagleCrest ($819 in chips)
    Seat 5: ghamsy ($69 in chips)
    Seat 6: MADDSCI ($337 in chips)
    Seat 7: bigkahona ($2,472 in chips)
    Seat 8: hotmama73 ($1,639 in chips)
    Seat 9: kanhorn ($192 in chips)
    Seat 10: the loot ($142 in chips)

    hotmama73 posts blind ($5), kanhorn posts blind ($10).

    the loot calls $10, loboczar folds, DaveCarl folds, pokermon86 folds, EagleCrest folds, ghamsy calls $10, MADDSCI bets $20, bigkahona calls $20, hotmama73 bets $25, kanhorn calls $20, the loot calls $20, ghamsy calls $20, MADDSCI calls $10, bigkahona calls $10.

    FLOP [board cards 8C,AD,KH ]
    hotmama73 bets $10, kanhorn calls $10, the loot folds, ghamsy calls $10, MADDSCI bets $20, bigkahona bets $30, hotmama73 calls $20, kanhorn folds, ghamsy calls $20, MADDSCI bets $20, bigkahona calls $10, hotmama73 calls $10, ghamsy calls $9 and is all-in.

    TURN [board cards 8C,AD,KH,3C ]
    hotmama73 checks, MADDSCI bets $20, bigkahona bets $40, hotmama73 folds, MADDSCI calls $20.

    RIVER [board cards 8C,AD,KH,3C,KS ]
    MADDSCI bets $20, bigkahona bets $40, MADDSCI bets $40, bigkahona calls $20.

    MADDSCI shows [ KD,AH ]
    bigkahona mucks cards [ 8H,8D ]
    ghamsy mucks cards [ AC,4H ]
    MADDSCI wins $203, MADDSCI wins $343.

    Dealer: bigkahona
    Pot: $549, (including rake: $3)
    loboczar, loses $0
    DaveCarl, loses $0
    pokermon86, loses $0
    EagleCrest, loses $0
    ghamsy, loses $69
    MADDSCI, bets $170, collects $546, net $376
    bigkahona, loses $170
    hotmama73, loses $70
    kanhorn, loses $40
    the loot, loses $30

  6. i was just talking with wirksu about AK with AK on the flop and someone else having junko trip 5s or something

    this time it panned out and i got paid.


  7. RE: that video of people getting hurt

    When that dude jumped in front of the train I thought he was a goner. Ditto when that retard was standing up in the truck that crashed into the pole. Ditto when the bear went after that lady. Who is Satan?

  8. RC – where are you working and what are you going to do?

    I’m going to be working at the Milw Public Defender’s office this summer with indigent, mentally unstable criminals. Fun.

  9. Big J, that is awesome! Let me know if you ind yourself becoming mentally unstable as the summer progresses. I will be working for a company called Macrovision that makes copy protection technology (so that you can’t copy a dvd to a blank disc and such…). I’m so hyped.

    All whazzers: To anyone that knows my college roommate Kristina, she had her baby, and it’s a little baby girl! Laura Margaret. She sneezed while I was on the phone with Kristina, and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

  10. Erin, congrats on the new job! As an aside, ubs and wife will be in the Racine area this weekend visiting the families and cavorting somewhere near the lakefront in either Ra-town or Milw. Anyone who will be nearby is invited to attend…if you need my number, let me know.

  11. Mucous is cute now? I was talking on the phone with GMC and he crapped his pants; that was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

  12. Thanks Uncle Big Show! I miss you! Also, mucous is cute if it’s baby mucous. Once the child gets to be about 3 or 4, he or she has a “runny nose” or some other not-so-cute thing. I will now send all of the pictures of Lil Laura Margaret to Zach’s inbox and fill it up.

  13. That was pretty crazy when I crapped my pants and you thought it was cute. I was all like, dude, you’re weird.

  14. In classic gambling style, there are websites allowing you to make bets (with odds) on the next pope. I will be placing a bet or two later tonight.

  15. GMX, that montage was awesome! I’ve seen most of those clips on Ebaum’s world, but they’re even cooler put together with music. That video should be required viewing for every football team before they run onto the field. By the way, how do you make a link on this page?

  16. How to make a link 101: Type a left bracket: <Type “a href=”: <a href=Paste the web address you want to link to in double-quotes: <a href=””Type a right angle bracket: <a href=””>Type the text you want to appear as the link: <a href=””>Go to!Finish the link by typing </a>: <a href=””>Go to!</a>You should be all set to go: Go to!

  17. Come on Stiffly, didn’t you have to take Comp Sci 132 for your major? Now that you know, refuse to use it. Don’t let the man hold you down. Rebel against the machine.

  18. Madd – my official night out in Madison will be on Wed. I will then be flying out Thursday morning. I will be all over Wisco the rest of the time and may spend Sun/Mon nites in Racine. Let me know what you think of all that jiberish.

  19. damn tourneys… i just got JdTd in my big blind on the first hand. flop was Kd, Qd, 2d. dude goes all in, another dude calls all in… duh, i call. first dude had Ad 9d, second dude had KQo, and i was dead.

    1 hand. shortest tourney ever.

  20. if i go down to madison i’d have to take my dog and secure a place to crash…

    are either of those a problem?

  21. the poker gods fucked me back for that 10-20 hand.

    2 different 5-10 hands tonight: my 22 vs QQ 7 players saw the flop… flop T2T… river T. $180 pot. my QQ vs AJo that called my 3 bet cold no less. 4 people see the flop. 2QA… A turn… river J. capped the whole way. $220 pot.

    i did get a royal, but it was after all the 5-10 games broke and i sat down at 2-4… another slap in the face as i got $300 less bonus than i should have.

    fuck poker.

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