Good job giving up those back-to-backs, Capuano. The rage in Uecker’s soul must be hard to contain these days. 3-0 Dodgers. Hurrah! After the sweep last weekend, this shitty display of baseball is just what I needed to get my morale back up there.


6 thoughts on “FUCK

  1. 1. Madison was nice as hell this weekend. The BF (or ball and chain – same difference) surprised me with a picnic on Sunday, although his idea of a picnic is a bucket of fruit salad and his one-hitter (not even a blanket – what?). It was romantic as hell, except for the blistering hot sun, the hundreds of soccer playing Mexican extended families everywhere and being the nosedive target of massive insects. I was like, the next time I bitch about you never taking me out on romantic outdoors activities, remind me that I hate nature.

    2. RC – I am so excited about July that I am going to purposefully selectively remember our phone convo in error to have something to look forward to. Make it happen, baby.

    3. Who’s seen the movie, “Purple Rain”? Is it good or am I justified in thinking Prince is annoying?

  2. Zach told me tonight that the WWE fired Matt Hardy. In disgust, I have come upstairs to print out their financial statements to see if they actually have a business strategy, or if it’s all just monkeys on typewriters. I think it’s monkeys. Also, now apparently Trish is supposed to service Viscera. Stop the monkeys.

  3. Sorry, I had to come back. Another fabulously gay tag team? No monkeys. Billy and Chuck were enough, thank you. Does anyone else think this is all crazy?

  4. trish was horrid tonight. it doesn’t work.

    if she said “idiots” one more time i was going to scream, “WE GET IT, WERE SUPPOSED TO HATE YOU”

  5. i own purple rain on dvd…. now let me go clean myself in the waters of lake minnetonka (which happens to be a few miles from my house)


    GMX, is madison still on?

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